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"When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire."

·:·. v i t a l s .·:·

× inspiration: life, love & loss
× treasures: stars, colour, night time, happy endings, humour, fairytales, anime, inspiration, romance
× dislikes: rain, creepy crawlies, coffee, asparagus, horror/thriller movies
× scents: vanilla, melting chocolate, coconut, fresh bread, evening air, flowers, fruit
× blossoms: orchids, lillies, irises, passionflowers, vinca, bindweed, snowdrops
× music: Damien Rice, Bloc Party, Postal Service, Imogen Heap, Straylight Run

·:·. a b o u t m e .·:·

First and foremost, I am lazy. I admit that openly, with no qualms. So if you're looking for an author who is constantly updating, look somewhere else! I don't get intimidated if you threaten to poke/stab/kill/disembowel me if I don't update sooner. I'll update when I please, which usually depends on if I have time between my studies. Trust me - when you're taking a degree in Politics and Law, you really need to have your primary focus on the academics.

Second, I am a perfectionist. So for all of those that proofread obsessively, fear not, for I am one of you! I physically cringe whenever I come across any kind of typo or bad grammar in a story (sad, I know).

Finally, I have great pride in my compositions on a general basis. However, there are a few which I'm not completely satisfied with. So I ask you to help me improve by providing me with feedback. And if you want me to do the same, all you have to do is ask and I'd be happy to. But (and this is a big but) don't feel as if you absolutely HAVE to review me. You don't. I have a certain amount of contempt for authors who throw a hissy fit when they don't receive a specific amount of reviews for a chapter and then threaten not to continue the story until they do. I mean, please. Enough said.

·:·. f u t u r e w o r k s .·:·

× DISHING THE DIRT - Romance - Players, Strayers, Two-Timers. Whatever name they go by, I have zero tolerance for people who are unfaithful. I would never cheat on my partner. Ever. This is what I keep repeating to myself as I stare at the guy in bed next to me - who most definitely is not my boyfriend.

·:·. u p d a t e s .·:·

× I have deleted two of my old stories (THE FALLEN ONE and SAVE OUR SOULS), because in all honesty, they were a complete waste of space.

× TRIAL AND ERROR is officially on hiatus. I'm really sorry, but I am at a loss with this story right now and it doesn't look like I'll stumble across any inspiration anytime soon. Not to mention that the majority of it needs A LOT of editing, as FP stripped away loads of the original formatting... still a bit of a sore spot for me >:(

× I plan to start a new story very soon (see "Future Works"). As I am hopeless at updating, I'm not going to post this until I have completed a fair amount of chapters. That way, my readers won't have to wait agonisingly long for an update, only to discover that the story's been put on hiatus. Not that that's happened before -cough cough-

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