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I like writing stories about death, not because I'm violent or anything, but because I've found that there are so many ways to express things if you are talking about pain. Plus, I'm not very good at writing comedy or love stories. My writings are usually pretty short too. I don't usually like doing long stories because I get writer's block and lose intrest in the story. (There is one exception to all of this: a love/comedy story my friend and i have been writing for a while. It's currently 15 chapters and 18 pages long.)

My closest friends:
Andrea - my best friend. we've known one another for like 7 years and know so much about one another it's scary. she's also a pretty good poet.
Lauren - a total blond, but she keeps things interesting.
Mandy - one word: messed up. gotta love her anyways.
Vicki - we both read and like the same things. she's a great writer and i still have to convince her to get a FF account...


Bands: Simple Plan, Something Corporate, New Found Glory, Goldfinger

Movies: I LOVED both LOTR movies!

Books: The Stephanie Plum series and the LOTR trilogy. I collect X-Men: The Hidden Years comic books, but I don't think they count.

TV Shows: Friends, Scrubs, X-Men Evolution,

And one more thing... if I flamed you, please don't come and do the same just to get even. only do it if my story *really* deserves it. Thank ya!

Don't Throw It Away reviews
This poem was inspired by one of my best friends. Luckily it (and some poems my other friends wrote) helped her to think twice about what she was doing and realize that she is fortnate to have true friends.
Poetry: General - Rated: K+ - English - Poetry/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 118 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 1/17/2003