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About Me:

Name: VS on this site, I never use my real name X_x. You all know me as the YYH-writing KP on W00t.

Age: 14 now. Whee!!

Other Stats: O.o. Eeto... brown hair, eyes. I weigh somewhere around 110 X_x.

Likes: Early mornings and late nights, well-written plots, studying archaic religions, sparring, glam rock (*kusu kusu*), J-rock, Mana, yaoi, shonen-ai, yuri, shojo-ai, doujinshi, good grammar, anime, cooking, opera, music, having psychological battles with those of equal intelligence, and... stuff :P.

Dislikes: Rachel Farris, Uncle Kracker, the color brown, bad grammar, Mary-Sues (I have no problem flaming), people who say hide-sama is DEAD WHEN HE MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT!, Gackt in Vanilla, the color orange, overly weepy shojo manga, noise, my outer family, writer's block, the Dir en Grey Raison D'Etre PV (I happen to enjoy whatever I'm eating at the time a bit too much), Insane Clown Posse, my muses, my cousins, and people who type like they're illiterate (AKA AOL-speak).

Favorite bands & Songs:

AFI: The Boy Who Destroyed the World

Malice Mizer: Rondo of Love and Sadness and the Love Driven Mad by the White Skin (Shiroi Hada ni kuuru ai to kanashimi no RONDO)(Klaha-Era), and Gekka no Yasuokyoku(Gackt-Era)

Dir en Grey: Pink Killer, and egniryS cimredopyH

A Perfect Circle: Magdalena

Pierrot: Haruka

X: Forever Love (*sob* So sad...)

Andrea Bocceli: Romanza

...and that's it. *kusu kusu*


Ceres: [ Ceres is a mute pierrot with a paint-on face. He looks a bit like Keirin from Pet Shop of Horrors, if you've ever seen it. He is a black-robed mime doll in real life. ]

Ares: [ Ceres' brother. He can talk, and I think he abuses that privilege very often. He, like Ceres, is a pierrot, but instead of looking like a silent pierrot (a mime), he wears red and has a switching face (rather like the mayor in Nightmare Before Christmas). He is insistent. ]

Ires: [ Another pierrot, wearing blue. Her face is of the tragedy mask. Her personality is very mixed, but no matter what the emotion, it's very intense. She writes angst. ]

Things I want to share about J-Rock: hide is not dead. He is just on a long-term vacation; Yoshiki owns everyone; Die and Shinya are together, who needs proof?; Toshiya should try to kiss Shinya more often; Gackt and Mana need to do a movie about ILLUMINATI; hide is a guitar-god: worship him; hide IS the pinku supaaida; I *heart* X, Dir en Grey, /ucifer, Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois (okay... not really), Baiser, and Pierrot; Kyo is MINE; There is a J-rock hiearchy, and it goes like this:

Gods of J-Rock: X (hide, Yoshiki, Pata, Heath, Toshi)

King of J-Rock: Gackt

Queen of J-Rock: Mana

Princes of J-Rock: Kaoru, Juka

Princesses of J-Rock: IZAM, Shinya

Sex Symbols of J-Rock: Toshiya, Sugizo, Hyde (and Gackt, maybe)

Weirdest people of J-Rock: Kozi, Kyo

*cough* Uhm...yes...


September 10, 2004:

Added the first chapter to my new story, Silence and the Demon. Please review it, as I have a delicate ego ~_^.

September 12, 2004:

I know I took down my ONLY good fic, "Decadence of the Angel", but I'm rewriting it because the third chapter royally sucked. There. Don't kill me, Miyavi-chan!

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Silence and the Demon reviews
My take on "Beauty and the Beast". A prince cursed to be a demon for 300 years wants nothing but solitude, but when the innocence of a lost young boy enters his keep, he wonders if love really can break all curses... (slash)
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,989 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 5 - Published: 9/10/2004
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An omnipotent view of a child buying a strange, disturbing doll at a doll shop...
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