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I'm a semi-psychic (able to see spirits and paranormal 'stuff') I like to write about what's happened to me and my experiences in the paranormal.

--I'm stupid because I didn't use my email anymore so MSN deleted it and now some 12 year old dutch girl's got it (Who's typing this right now) and she's recieving all sorts of mail, first it was funny but now it isn't anymore!--

Okay, here's just a little back ground info for anyone who is curious who the 'nutball' is that claims to be able to converse with spirits.

Name: Rebecca

Age: 16

Occupation: Student, Ghost Hunter (duh)

Alias: Ghost Hunter, Sailor Falling Star, --Dumbass--

The First time I had a 'conversation' with a ghost: When I was 4, in my pre-school, I was talking to a little boy (this is still fresh in my memory), and my friend came and asked me why I was talking to myself. I turned back around, to point out the boy, and he wasn't there anymore.

Is my house haunted: Yes, VERY. My theory is that every house has ghosts, no matter how new the house is. We just built our house 5 years ago.

Current Hunting projects:

-Bantol Residence
-My House
-Hinder Residence
-Olsen Residence

Past projects: I have not completed investigations on any project yet.

Most terrifying experience: Diana Bantol has dolls in her room that terrify me. They watch you as you walk across the room. Especially the one in the blue dress (who I get GOOD energy from) and the one in the red dress (who I get BAD energy from)

Most startling experience: At the Hinder Residence, Jane and I had been Hunting for about an hour, calling the spirits and getting very little response. We went to sit in the living room and watch Sailor Moon (*^_^*), and had gotten...oh...15 minutes into it when a clock in the kitchen went off (the living room and kitchen are connected by an open doorway), and we both screamed. According to Jane, the clock hadn't worked for nearly 10 years.

Do Spirits have a purpose? My answer: Some do. Some haven't crossed over because they have something left unfinished, others simply don't know they're dead. Other spirits aren't really spirits. They're merely imprints of the person's life, left to play like a movie forever.

If you have any questions for me, --you're out of luck.--

^_^* Ghost Hunter --aka the dumbass--
--PS everything that ends and starts with "--" was typed by me, the dutch girl.--

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