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Ok yeah, I'm a seventeen year old freak. Female, by the by.

Let's see, so stalkers can attempt to find me and ultimately fail... I've got grey eyes, and copper hair. I call it copper 'cause in the dark it's kinda brownish red, but when the sun hits it-- sparkly time! Mwehehehehe. Hmm, sometimes I have blue hair (like right now), sometimes I have purple hair, and sometimes I have green hair. Don't you just love hair dye?

Oh, and I always wear black, green, red or orange. Green is my favorite color, although I have an obession with the color orange (but not as bad as green-- my whole bedroom is green!). I also wear a wire collar with a celtic cross on it-- Pretty cross, it is, it is-- five pretty little rings, and a shoelace. The shoelace is on my wrist, it's been there for two and a half years now, and it's not moving.

Hmm, if ya'll hadn't figured it out by now, I generally ignore flames. I'm proud to say, though, that so far Blackened Sunrise has only had two flames. ^_^

Okay, Blackened Sunrise IS NOT my first fic. I've written well over two hundred fanfics in the past six years, I just haven't posted any of them at .

HP - Blackened Sunrise - Depends if that stupid Writer's Block stays away for longer than a few hours.
HP - Anger Management - BS Sidestory - Slowly being written.
KTE - Serious Offense - [unposted] - Being Rewritten from the ground up
YGO - Punk Rock - [unfinished, unposted] - Worked on whenever I frickin' feel like it.