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I was an art student in Florence. All done and back in the States. I am quite good at art history, especially symbolism and mythos. If you think keeping ancient myths straight is hard, don't even attempt the Judeo-Christian mythos! I refer to them all as such, because I'm fond of the 'good ideas' and everything else is, well, um... okay, I guess. I am a witch and I'm very happy to say that I'm a very weird witch, who is very open to other ideas. IE: Jesus had some good ideas with that 'treat people as you'd like to be treated' thing. Very good karma, that man. Very close to the wiccan rede, actually.

Translation: I think every myth is based in fact and I'm very happy to say that I like the idea that God (being the divine 'I'll be whatever gender I damn well please' Presence) has many many godly children to help out with this crazy universe and reign in some of those 'smooth talkin' angels. (they are very smooth with the ladies, apparently.)

Besides, its not the religion. It's the idea that's the point. IE: treat people how you'd like to be treated, don't judge a book by its cover, don't kill people (excepting Voldemort and Fistandantilus, who are icky), and other relatively good sage wisdom.

Anyway, it's good stuff to know. Besides, I cite my sources at the end of my fics. When and if I decide they're done, that is. I'm very well researched, you see. I blame my former History teacher, who has threatened to be very upset if I ever stop writing. (sniff.) Thank you, Mr. Connor. You are the MAN!

I will remain true to the manga or text of any story I do within the confines of the story I'm writing.

I'm something of an artist and I have some art up on my website.

I will accept fanart for my fics. Just email it my way and I will sing you praises in insane tunes.

By the way, I have a tendancy to through curveballs in my fics. I request you use your brain as my fics will make you think. (Heavy Symbology and MAJOR use of time parallels.)

My homepage: Just copy and paste into your browser. It's been updated...