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1/27/03 Ok. I'm doing some serious updating now. Here's the 411:
Age of Winter: I'm writing Chapter 7 now so thank you to all of you who helped me get it up

Final Millenium: I think I may get rid of this one since it's something I wrote when I was bored.

No Hikari Niaiwa: I like this fic the best. But no one else seems to like it! I spent so much time on this one and no one's reviewing it!

1/04/03 I'm finally back after a long time of not bothering to update my bio. I've been jumping from one thing to another and can't find any time to get things done! I shouldn't feel like this at such a young age! I feel like my mom... she complains a lot since she works all day. Anyway, here's the latest on my stories:

Age of Winter: I'm still waiting for more submitions of people who wanna be in chapter 7! I need 2 students and a teacher. I won't update until i have enough people so tell your friends to review for a part!

Final Millenium: I don't really like this much anymore. The plot is screwed but I'll try to turn it around so I like it.

No Hikari Niaiwa: As you can see, my newest fic. It's sorta serious and out of character with my usual humor fics but it's just as good as the humor fics.

Reviews get me updating faster!!! Remember that!! Ciao!!

12/9/02 See the name change? I like the name Nightmare Crow betterer. Huh? That even a word. So? ^.^ It's more fun to put if it's not a word. I so sorry about not updating! I have a terrible writer's block. If ya don't know what that is, ask my fave author, Kiki Jones. *looks over at Kiki who is banging her head against the computer to get rid of writer's block* See? She knows what it is. *starts banging head against computer*