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Update 4.18.05: Wow, I remember this place. I've been so busy with my life that I've forgotten all about the thing I love -- writing. Hopefully, I'll manage to complete a story or two this time around. My hopes are not high though. Those who read this, thanks and please be patient with me. ;)

Update 1.22.04: Hello!!! Thanks to everyone for continuing to review my stories and reminding me to update. It's extremely helpful. I have a little disease - Not-Wanting-to-Finish-Stories disease. I've got it very badly. But when I get emails saying I've got a new review, it really gives me a boost of motivation. I've recently re-opened my story files and looked over my work with a desire to start writing again. Hopefully this effort will bear some fruit. Be patient with me! Thanks!

ON ERMIE: Yes, that would be me. Unfortunately, there isn't much to be said on this topic. My name is Ermie. Well, it isn't really.. but that doesn't particularly matter, does it? Let's see... a few words to describe, perhaps? Right-o. Accepting, non-judgmental, open... That should encompass my approach to everything from religious to political beliefs. I'm also very happy all the time, willing to laugh at anything, ridiculously easy to amuse, and eager to see the bright side of any situation. Another very important thing.. I'm very respectful of all people, regardless of age, sex, race, etc. Oh, but I really dislike intolerant bastards. *smirk*

ON FAVORITES: Light blue, buffalo wings, socks, The Prisoner of Azkaban, C.S. Friedman, dogs, Gamecube, British (accent), Australia (wildlife), CROC HUNTER - LOL. Okay, enough of that insipid exercise.

ON REVIEWS: I've been writing for years and I've really learned to deal with constructive criticism. I thrive on reviews - they encourage me to write more and better. I honestly think a learning author NEEDS a lot of feedback on their work. How else will they grow and learn? So, I will always read as many stories as I can and leave as much feedback (constructive!!!) as I can. I'll rarely leave an empty note like "Hey, this is cool," because that doesn't really say much, does it?

Please please please review my stuff if you read it. If you didn't like it, please tell me why. Was it the style? The language? The genre? The characters? If you liked it, that's awesome! But STILL, please tell me what you liked about it! I really LOVE constructive criticism, so feel free to be completely honest about what you thought. And even if you think it's a nit-picky detail, I promise it won't seem that way to me.

Of course, ANY comments would be greatly appreciated. Even if it IS just a "Hello, I like what you've written." :D

And in my pursuit of spreading feedback and spurring future writers on, I will definitely read and review your work if you bring it to my attention.

That is all. :D :D :D

Hopefully you'll be kept entertained by my musings and writings. Thank you and happy reading!

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