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Hewwo there!!!! I'm in 7th grade, and i LOVE REVEIWS!!!! MY FAV WORD IS: Coolie-O !!Anyways I gots a couple fics, mostly inuyasha, oooo now i gots a G-gundam fic O_O!!I gots a good friend K-T/Katie or Imagination Version7.0, we often write fics together. I um dont know what else to say but THANKIES FOR LOOKING ME UP!!!! ^-^ Oh and i also gots a KOOL dog named Pagoogle, you'll probably see me metioning Pajeauge or pagoog or Luke, those are all Pagoogle, and if you dont REMIND ME!! please.
Anime/Manga I've read/seen/drooled ova: Fruits Basket, Fushigi Yuugi (Ova1 also),G-Gundam (and variouse random other gundams),Inuyasha, yu yu hakusho, (unfortunatly) Sailormoon, yugioh, poke'mon(o_O), Cowboy bebop, Princess Mononoke, and dbz.
Fav anime guys:
Tasuki-fushigi yuugi
Sai saisaici-G-gundam,
KYO!-Fruits Basket
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