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I am new to fanfiction.net but have enjoyed reading the LotRs stories so much that I had to contribute. I am awed by the talent of some of the writers that post here and want to be a part of that. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, especially in plot development. LotRs makes my imagination soar, and I love its characters as deeply as if they were real. Wouldn't we all move to Middle-earth, if we could? For those of you who are interested, I am also a 44-year old woman who works at home; designing websites, running e-Bay auctions, and doing about any sort of custom computer work. I am a full-time caregiver to my mother, two budgies (parakeets) who think they're people, and spend any time left painting, cooking, growing roses and writing LotRs fanfiction and haunting LotR websites. E-MAIL: [email protected]