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*is exhausted*

Too much research..gah...must rest-

falls asleep mid-sentence*


I'm the slash/yaoi fan ^_^ And I've also been warned/deleted by , and since I prefer it to , I have learned my lesson and will NOT be uploading anymore of my NC-17 ficcys...meaning that those still on here will be discontinued-

[Yes, that mean's Whip Burn's [That was deleted] sequal will be off...]

And those that were heading down that way will be left, and if I do continue them, all NC-17 chapters will have to be mailed to you personally. Which reminds me-

If anyone is interested, I would be very happy to send you any of my lemon stories :) Contact me by leaving a review if you'd like to know more!

Cool...it worked!

I discovered (to my very dramatic astonishment) that I had put away two missing chapters of It Cannot Get Any Worse! Now how odd is that? I don't know, but I edited them and immediately set them up...just in case anyone was really waiting for them. Thank'a for the EXCELLENT reviews!!!!!! You guys (including the 34 that have me on their damn FAVORITES list!!!!!) KICK ASS! Rawk on, people!

^.^ Yes, I'm still sick, but I'm livin'! I have a chapter for He's Mine in the editing process (I'm sorry, but it's just very hard to edit long chapters while sniffling and hacking my lungs out...) and I'm also still writing up a very cute Seto/Ryou ficcy...

Not to mention that I'm going to bring a Seto stripping ficcy! Yes, remember Whip Burn? Well, I really did love the stripping part (I'm a pervert...*bawls* Wait, isn't everyone these days? Damnit, what happened to society?) so I've decided to rewrite it a little and post it up as a one-time thing...just in case you also loved it. ^_^


Do you like NC-17 ficcys? Do you just adore a good, very 'soury' lemon? If so, then maybe you would like to read some of the ones that deleted from my account? I've got two awesome readers (*sniffles* They make me feel so happy!) already saying they'd be happy to read anything that I send them, all I need if an e-mail in a review. You don't even have to review the story, or read it, though I'd like you too. ;) Just leave me your addy, and I will contact you only to send you a NC-17 ficcy...

Partially because I dislike and because sometimes I just can't help but write those when I get inspired...*sighs* In case you were curious:

Whip Burn:
Saturday night, Seto Kaiba wasn't where he was supposed to be. He was, for reasons unknown, in a strip club...arousing the mind of Malik Ishtar, without knowing it. And so the battle for dominance (and you know what I mean!) in the night begins...and will end with a whip.
^_^ Interested? Contact me with a review, and I will send you all seven chapters. :)

As for those waiting for any NC-17 new story I have to offer, you might have to wait a while. .

The Darkest Hours by Kaiser Bakura reviews
In the darkest hours the the blackest hearts feed.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 207 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Published: 11/8/2002