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OK...I'm freaking out here because I'm a new authoress (is that spelled right...I don't guess it really matter cause its not a real word anyway...) and has all these scary new rules and...*hides* scaring me! So be gentle everyone!!

Ok, the voices in my head are yelling at me to talk about myself now. (the angry one is scary!! The shy one is nice!!)
Lets see...
Likes: Anime (Inuyasha, GundamWing, Ronin Warriors, Sailor Moon, CowboyBebop, and anything by Miyazaki-sama *bows bows* and many more!) Starwars, Harry Potter (one of my voices told me to put that...), Lord of the Rings, Fantasy and sci-fi in general, the color blue, Cats (doggys are ok), books, and of course WRITTING!!

Dislikes: Flames, mean people, confusing Anime, electric neon yellow (my eyes!!), dumb boys, math homework, computers that crash ever 2 sec. , sea weed, chewy meat, stupid rules...*eh hem*..., and smelly feet. I'm sure there's more, but I am running out of time in my computer class.
This has been brought to you by the number 3 and the letter K!! ^_^

Up dates on me and my storys: 12/03/02

~Chuuken Part I: ARG!! I'm (STILL!!!) having trouble with desiding what I'm going to write for chapter 5!! *sigh* E-mail me (PLEASE!!!) if you have ideas, comments, statements or just something randome to say. It might help me with ideas!! (ARGH!!!!)

~I'm still trying to deside if I like the story I stared about Sesshoumaru. I have a brief teazer, if anyone is intersted. I would love to know if I should contenue the idea or not.

~I wrote another short story about Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru as kids. As soon as I get it edited by my beta reader, I'm posting it!

~ Still wondering if I should post my GW fics...

~GRRRRR!! My sister is back in town so I can't get on the computer much. She'll be gone sat. so, yeah. My friend is lowning me the Harry Potter books so I'm going to get to read them (yay).

(and if you have questions or comments, PLEASE E-mail me!!)

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