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Welp, time for another bio update! Aren't ya all just thirlled?

I am completely and totally in love with George de Sand (G Gundam). Hans Holgar (G Gundam) is also amazingly cute, along with Schwartz Bruder (G Gundam once again). Besides that, I mostly root for the villians. Pegasus (Yu-Gi-Oh!) for instance. Not only the coolest character in the whole show, he also has serious depth and well...there's just something mega-awsome about that guy.

I love meeting/talking to people, so feel free to e-mail me.

I've developed a strange liking for short, songficcy, one-shot pieces of angst. It's strange, considering that I can't stand most angsty stories. And I'm also starting to accept yaoi, although that's taking a bit more patience. In fact, I can almost stand Yu-Gi-Oh! yaoi, 'cause most of the characters do seem a bit gay.

I am totally in love with all the books by David Eddings, and have to admit that Tamora Pierce isn't half bad (yes, Krista, you win). I'd write David Eddings facfics if I thought I could do a decent job at it, which I don't.

I think that covers most of the basics.

Well, I'm off to write some more pointless angst! Among other things.

One last thing. Always remember: Small minds are amused by small things.

~* ShadowTide *~