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Hello. My name is Effie. (F.E. haha) Actually, my name is RachelElaine, but my closest friendscall me Effie. lol. Yes, that is what bestfriends are for! INSIDEJOKES!Ok, first and formost I shall tell you a little bit about myself because I like typing and I have some strange notion that people will actually read this. Anywho:

Well, I like to type. So, sorry if this is long, I'll try to be concisive. I am a (manly, rawr) pirate. If for some strange reason you feel like it, you may call me by my pirate name: Planks. I am also really quite obsessed with LOTR. (I have some LOTR fics, you can see them from along with some other fanfictions and poetry.)

Also, I am completely obsessed with fantasy and science fiction. Typical geek. ^_^ They are pretty much my entire life, besides my love for the Lord, of course.

Okay, ummm. To make this easier lets just do it this way:


books - LOTR (the whole trilogy), The Hobbit, Jane Eyre (it is the BEST romance novel EVER written!), Harrry Potter (all of them, especially the third), Goose Girl, The Princess Diaries series,all of Shel Silversteins poems, RobinHood,and many others that do not come to mind at the moment

movies: LOTR, Treasure Planet, Muppet Treasure Island, Pirates of the Caribbean, Popeye, Holes, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, all Disney movies (especially Robin Hood), Star Wars (originals, please!),and a whole bunch more

tv shows: Star Trek: the Next Generation, Star Trek (original), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Spongebob Squarepants, Looney Toons, The Cosby Show, Green Acres, Full House, Fairly Odd-Parents, and Dr. Phil

colors: pink and brown and green

food: pistachio pie!! and chicken and noodles! dinner rolls!

insults: Poophead, fourth grader, vomit-induced-sleeping-pill, acne-smothered-brick-face, bandaid-adhesive-puss-monster, barf-encrusted-jumbo-jerk, second-hand-electric-donkey-bottom-biter, your mother was a hampster and your father smelt of elderberries, may a rash forever dwell upon thine bisep, crapface, jerkazoidal maniac, jerk, barnacle head, knucklehead mcspazzitron, poopface, midget-foo-fighting-sprinkle-snatcher, flea-bitten-moth-ball

Okay, I feel that I am really boring you now, so, I'll just write some summaries of my stories and leave it at that.

A Knight in Shingin Armor: This is a romance about a princess, Fay, who is an only child. She falls in love with the only man within a 100 mile radius of her father's kingdom who isn't infatuated with her.

A Friend til the End: Little Elsie has no friend and is often picked on by her peers. She developes a second personality that at first helps her to regain control of her pride, but soon goes carreaning out of control. (This story is rather dead and I don't think I shall continue it.)

Church Mouse: Katie is everything the world tells her she shouldn't be. She is quiet, tiny, Christian, and very unsocial. This tells of the persecution she goes through because of her differences. Along the way, she also comes across many other hindrances that make her question herself. (This story is also rather dead.)

The Snake Who Had a Lisp: A children's story about a snake, Harvey, who has a lisp. He is often teased by the other snakes, but gets a chance to prove himself to them.

The Sword of Rhan: Kestral is a simple country girl from the land of Rhan. Her father, a veteran of Rhan's past wars against the old tyrant queen, possesses a sword of great power. When the sword is stolen, Kestral and her father journey forth to retrieve it. (more later, plot still being worked on)

Well, that is all. Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease.

- - Effie (the Small)

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