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"The suspense is terrible... I hope it lasts."

Mm. I'm a poor college student who writes and reads fanfic to occupy her time spent procrastinating. Oh yeah, baby. I read/write DA fanfic. My favorite characters are Zack and Alec. Favorite fanfic authors are Agent M, Pari106, the Inimitable Pooh-Bah, Dusty and Kara. If you haven't read 'I Bounce' by Pooh-Bah, then I strongly suggest you do. Same goes for 'Driving with the Breaks on' by Agent M. I'm sort of new to the fanfic world here, so read and review my stories. You have no idea how happy it makes me. (Really. It's sad.)

Quick soap box moment: Write what you like, read what you like. Just support your fellow authors, no matter what ship they happen to prefer. We all like the same show guys, and at least *some* of the same characters.

To any who are interested, the NC-17 version of In From the Cold chs 1&2 is posted over at my website. Enjoy! (And give me's my first smut)