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February 4th, 2003

To my Faithful Rev Iewers,

'Kay. I recently discovered that there's a release date for JKR's Order Of The Phoenix (June 24th), and I couldn't help thinking... what will we do after that? Wait three years for book six? So I've decided to leave Uniphoenix Zero for after OotP, so it'll be a sixth year fic, called Uniphoenix Zero-One (not many plot changes, I think, but, you know, OotP is OotP...)
Face it, there's no way in hell I'm finishing UPZ before 'D' day... not to mention the two sequels.

I'll continue writing short stories in 'Voldemort's Mistake' and 'Interseries Duel' (if Ruskbyte updates before doomsday), and I think I'll write some POVs of canon.

Just give me a few days (weeks), I'm studying hard for my exams.


(Updated for Temporary Insanity)
I have plot plans that will be able to override WHATEVER Rowling throws at us. I'm very busy at the moment, so, if I were to keep on with UPZ, I wouldn't write for another two weeks (exams, argh!)... but perhaps I will. I don't know.
Thanks a lot for the support!

(Voldemort's Mistake, Scene 1, Take 3 = to Beta)