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Hey people, I'm Poem. I cannot wield a sword or any other pointy object in a relatively safe and trustworthy manner, but I am good at archery (I have a booow, lalalalalalaaaaaaaa), and my grammar is good. I also write under the penname Caitir, and I would appreciate it greatly if you would read those stories, as they're my brainchildren, crack babies though they may be. By the way, when you're reviewing, which I know you will do... *hint hint* make sure you try to avoid very bad grammar or my slightly (well, more than slightly) obsessive co-author Prose here will hunt you down and cause you to die a very painful death. Or scream until your eardrums burst. Sorry.

She's right. I will kill you. Brutally. And probably injure those in the near vicinity of your error, however "minor" it is generally considered. I'm Prose, by the by. One note before I proceed: DO NOT UNDER *ANY* CIRCUMSTANCES PUT AN APOSTROPHE IN THE POSSESSIVE FORM OF "ITS". If you cannot replace the contraction "it's" with the simple sentence "it is", DO NOT USE AN APOSTROPHE. Or else... I won't kill you, I'll just torment you until the end of your days and devise new methods of torture. Hint: Don't put an apostrophe there unless it NEEDS one! *glare* Now that I've completed that... Ah, yes. I write under Dark Mage Raistlin otherwise--originals (2 so far that I have not updated in months. Apologies to those interested.)--and I generally prefer working with a sword than a bow, since I may be powerful with a bow but I'm awfully inaccurate. (Poem: she may be good with a bow, but she's downright scary with a sword. I still hurt from that.) Yes, I will shoot you down if I find you abusing, misusing or otherwise mistreating the English language. So there. ^^

We have finished up our fanfic, Sues and Swords with a final chapter of Galadriel's explanation. We're sorry if you'd like us to continue S&S because it was time for it to end. S&S for us was just a trial to see how dangerous the two of us were together, and now that we know, we're deeply involved in an original fiction that's taken over both our brains. Or mine, at least. "You Can't See Me" is in the works, but it would be nice if you still reviewed S&S...

(Poem) In a rather different vein... when you are reading "You Can't See Me," you will notice that characters are invisible at times. You are free to conjecture why this is until we explain it, which I suppose we will do eventually. Thank you and happy reading.

You Can't See Me reviews
It's a weird world where sight isn't the primary sense. For Aithne, a top-class thief, it's just gotten a whole lot weirder. AN: YAY! We updated! Sry, this one's not as well-edited as the others have been... figured you'd rather have it sooner tho.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 5 - Words: 17,403 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 2 - Updated: 1/16/2005 - Published: 8/10/2003