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Erm, about me? :scratches head: Erm, well. I'm almost nineteen years old. Have been on fanfiction.net for a while, but have just recently wandered within the borders of fictionpress.

Location: Norway. I doubt you've heard about it unless winter sports interests you. Our football teams aren't that good, you see, but we do very well in the Winter Olympics. Or, other people of Norwegian nationality does very well. Couldn't have won anything on skis if my life depended on it.

Mentality: Girlish (well, I am a girl!) Blonde hair, blue eyes (dunno if that has anything to do with mentality - though it seems like people think so). If I use that description online I'm a magnet for older men. Wonder why?

Like: Books. Art. Internet. Prettyish, handsome guys.