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Hey Peeps! I will update on my stories as soon as I can. Most likely I'll review once a week and if I'm lucky, once every two days!!!! If you want to borrow my made up characters plz ask first. I really appreciate it. Well u wanna know more about me here it is:
Name: Call me Dark Shadow
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: brown
Fav colors:blue, black, & silver
wish the colors never excisted:pink & pink
fav animals:foxes, frogs, wolves, dogs, snakes
Sex: female
Fav things to do: surf internet, skool, volleyball
fav sites: fanfiction.net, Digital Angels, & Digi-Royalty
Best Friendz: Erika Grench, Maria Gunning,Dark Heart, Christine Wakefield, Yeanhee Woo, Kayla Scott, Joshua Gunning, Bryan Grench, Sara Grench, Tina Grench, a cat named Nikki, a blind kitty named Ziggy, Paula McDonald, Holly Neff,Jennifer Pickle er I mean Hickle, Myself, and I'm sure thats all!
My pets: Urrie the Heppapheant (just died), My hamster Raison (just died), my dog Ruffles, my other dog Buddy, my rat named Kenzu (Kazu & Kenta put together), Lu-Lu my talking goat, and Sido my silver Rankey. To let you know, a heppapheant is a hippo and an elephant put together, and a Rankey is a rat and a monkey put together. I'm sooooo wierd!
Lives in: A super-sized blue and black shoe box on Mars.
Family: Me, mom, dad, and pets. (boring)
Favorite state: California! (sorry, I don't live there, nice try. I used to live there)
Fav quote: hmmm, lets say all the Rika quotes. ^^
OKay, well, that must have been boring! Did ya know flying purple monkies are gonna take over the universe!?!?!?! I don't actaully know. Thats wut my dream said. Well, Cinderella says dreams come true when you don't tell anyone, but I did, so it means it won't come true. Like I care anyways. If ya read Complicated Love, Kazu's dreams are dreams I've had except for when he dreamt of Rika over at his house and all, but everything else I actaully dreamt it, not him. Like the talking turkey that was suppose to be Thanksgiving dinner and the elephant named Kiiiiiiiko trying to kill everyone. Yup. There are other too. Soon to come out in l8er chappies. Okay, now I bet this is REALLY boring.
Devie: You got that right.
Dark Shadow: Hey! Where'd you come from?!?!?!
Devie: Youir closet where you stuffed me.
Dark Shadow: Hey all. My nickname is DS. Short for Dark Shadow, not dog sh*t. Oh yeah, and this is Devie, just, another, well, um, person type thing.
Devie: Excuse me! I'm a person!!! Well, with a tail and pointy ears, but that doesn't mean I'm not a person!
DS: Whatever.
Devie: R & R!!!!!!!!
DS: Hey! Ur not suppose to say that! Only when I'm done with a chappie!
Devie: This isn't the end of a chapter?
DS: Nope.
Devie: Bye then *goes back into my closet*
DS: You should visit these sites. /darkheart_kat9 and /likat9 those are Dark Heart's sites. We hope you like 'em.I hope you like my stories!
C ya l8erz'
~Dark Shadow~