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Directions to Kates’ residence~

It isn’t but a five minutes’ walk: you are dealing with a magical world quite unlike any other you’ve ever visited before now, believe me. Once you’ve found yourself standing on the dusty cobblestone road winding around a green hillside that looks as if it’s straight out of Sense and Sensibility – the movie, of course – follow it southeast for about a quarter of a mile. You will eventually come to a crossroads that is at the top of the hill; down below you, you will see a small castle that is more than vaguely reminiscent of the chateaux of the Loire Valley in France.

Walk down the hillside and enter the castle grounds by the drawbridge; it will be down (most of the time). Feel free to take a moment to smell the roses and view the gardens. From there, approach the castle’s front doorway by the pathways that lead up to it. Do not pay any attention to the various characters you see on the grounds – the black-garbed Sith lord and walking, talking suit of armor dueling by the fountain, or the dark-haired and well-dressed immortal in gray, nor the crystal-wielding Goblin King. They have quite an odd sense of humor, all of them, but they are merely mischievous; do not heed them.

Ah! You are here at last! Please come inside. (You now step into a gracious front hall, complete with a dramatic staircase and several Pre-Raphaelite-style paintings) Here: let me take your coat, and I will get us some tea. I’ve got some chocolate-chip cookies too… There now – shall we sit down? I am so glad you stopped by; I was hoping you would…

Well now. I suppose I must tell you a bit about myself.

Name: I am known as as Kates, but I've got quite a lot of other names, including Milady le Fantome, O.G.'s Scribe, Kate Bloom, and various others. Kates just happens to be the one I picked for this occasion – in honour of my best friend, Lady Valwen.

I am of Elf-kind, so my age is somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500. I am also a Christian homeschooler and Navy brat, which partially explains the being homeschooled. And since nobody here will ever know what I look like, let’s just say I am a dead-ringer for Miranda Frost in Die Another Day. ~_^

Interests: Classic literature, art, in all of its facets, music, Broadway, and history. I love the Medieval and Renaissance eras.

Other things I just happen to like: Roses, happy endings, romance, fashion designing, youth group, cooking, makeup (meaning that of both regular-wear and stage), and the theater. Oh, and of course, mysterious, beautiful guys with shadowy pasts and a good grasp of the sarcastic. Masks help too…

My favorite movies: Lord of the Rings, the Count of Monte Cristo, Beauty and the Beast, Sense and Sensibility, A Life Less Ordinary, Much Ado About Nothing, The Twelfth Night, the Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, Chocolat, The Phantom, Sabrina, Star Trek: Nemesis, and various others. The list is just too long to go into fully, I’m afraid.

Favorite actors and actresses: Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Connolly, Jude Law, Keanu Reeves, Kate Winslet, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Jensen Ackles, Jennifer Garner, Michael Vartan, Miranda Otto, Billy Zane, Natalie Portman, Viggo Mortensen, Tom Hardy, Patrick Stewart, Rosamund Pike, and so on…

MOST FAVORITE ACTOR(S) – Orlando Bloom. Bloomin’ marvelous. And my beloved Tom Hardy.

Musicals: Phantom of the Opera, Cats, The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, and Beauty and the Beast.

Favorite music: Classical, Celtic, Broadway, movie soundtrack, Evanescence, and a whole lot in between.

Random things: I am a devoted Erik/Christine and Sydney/Vaughn shipper (even though he’s being a pushover this season so far…Sydney/Sark wouldn’t be bad though, or perhaps even Sydney/Weisz, but I digress), a BatB fanatic, Tolkienite, and a Legolas and Haldir freak. No, I’m not obsessed with anything at all…no, of course not… Oh! And for those of you who happen to have picked up on my Travelers of Enchantment series, here they are listed in order…

#1: Wings of the Heart (found here, obviously)
#2: My Beauty, My Beast
#3: Once Upon A Time
#4: True Hate and True Love

#2-#4 are to be found on fanfiction.net, as they are mostly retellings of fairy tales. Wings of the Heart is the only...purely...original.

So. There is me. And now, my friend, please enjoy yourself surfing the fiction on this marvelous site – and feel free to drop in again whenever you’d like to! I’ll make sure the Boys behave.


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