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7/5/06: I will not be updating on FP anymore (though I haven't in at least a year). Just figured I'd make that official. If you want to beta read the new rewrite of The Fairies' Game or want to reread anything I posted on FP before, shoot me an email. Posting on here isn't worth giving up first publishing rights...and I'm getting close to that point in my work, I think.

The obligatory extended summaries for what's left:

Trail of Shadows: The second book of "The Fairies' Pawns" series (first part being The Fairies' Game, now deleted but in rewrite). It's kinda painful to read because I had big issues with Toby, but Rystal was always my favorite. It runs a double story line of two Outcasts: an orphaned boy with a voice like no other and a jaded, cynical femal soldier hiding from her memories, who are both unwilling to come to terms with the destiny the Fairies made for them. Random review sez: "the battle scene in White Flag Over Crimson Snow is one of the best I've ever read..."

End of All Treasures: Finally, the characters of TFG and TOS come together to stop evil people from taking over the world and all the old cliches...If you're either a)tired of fictionpressers who have grand ideas for a sprawling epic but abandon it halfway, or b) looking for something that is plot-wise and style-wise very high quality among FPers, give it a try. It's finished (yes, I decided against a fourth book, don't kill me!), and I know how to punctuate dialogue. Oh, and the ending is...unique. I'm not being arrogant. It's just an observation. Random reviewer sez: "OH MY GOD. The first thing I did when I finished was stop breathing..."

My personal recommendation for Fictionpress reading these days is Queen of Glass by SJ Maas. There. I've admitted it: I still read stuff here, hypocrite that I am.

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Royal Trepidations by AngelofArtemis reviews
It was a time of mages and danger, of princes and demons, of love and betrayal. A time when an ancient evil resurrected itself and two childhood enemies must come together to save Gaeron from a force that once almost destroyed it. Is there love in hate?
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Tired of all the fantasy stories about elves, faeries, and vampires? Want to read a story that doesn't involve a group of people saving the world? Then try this action-packed, character-driven, wryly humorous piece about Strife, Edge, and Siren.
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A female mercenary with a difficult past is forced to join forces with a quirky assassin with secrets of his own when they find themselves ensnared in a plot that threatens both their lives.
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Chains by Clover11 reviews
Abandoned ans betrayed, a girl is rescued by a mysterious stranger.
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Can sex really ruin two young elves lives? Read (and PLEASE review) to find out. Rated R for a lemon in the first chapter.
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Raspree Johanan is destined to spend her life in a Detention Centre, since all her planned escapes have failed so far. But when another male Centre joins hers, maybe there is someone who wants to escape as much as she does.
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