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Hi everyone...I'm a 17 year old senior in highschool that lives in Los Angeles, and I plan on going to San Francisco State University next year (maybe). I'm in love with Gundam wing, Weiss Kreuz, Lord of the Rings, Fruits Basket, and my new favorite movie is Spirited Away.

Let's see here...
First of all, I'm a fanfic reader. I've been a member of Fanfiction.Net for quite some time now...and it was only recently that I began to write a few fics of my own.

sighs deeply*

Well. After my computer crashed a month ago, all my stories and outlines (finished + unfinished both) were conveniently wiped out.

For all the people that have been reading my Gundam Wing stories, I am *so so so* sorry that I haven't been posting new chapters.

Unfortunately I just haven't had the energy to re-do all of the stuff that got deleted. I know I promised 'soon' on chapter four of Don't Close Your Eyes, but it's just not gonna happen.

Right now, my muse has kinda been jumping around to different fandoms. This is partly because I haven't been finding many good/new Gundam fics to read..-_-.

So here's my new list:

*Rainy Day Hero: Chapter Two is now in progress. It'll probably take me a week to write before I can post it.

Don't Close Your Eyes: Chapter Four is now pushed a bit down on my list of 'things to write'. But I will *not* abandon this fic.

Three Steps to Nowhere: I'm not positive I'll continue writing this story because there seems to be a lot of stories that have 'Duo-blindness' in them. I feel that it's not really a unique topic anymore. So yeah...-_-;

And I have a billion plot bunnies attacking my brain daily, so new stories will definetly come out when 'Don't Close Your Eyes' is finished. (Gods...I REALLY want to finish that damn fic!)

I am a reader before I'm a writer, so my chapters take a while to come out...Sorries. Searching for new fics to read is always my first priority, and only when I'm reaaaally sick of reading for the when I will begin adding to my stories.

Thanks for visiting this page everyone!!

My favorite pairing is 1x2 and Ranken. I also like the pairing Haru/Kyou and Estel/Legolas. Um... and that's about it.