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My name is Tuesday (yes, the day of the week), and I LOVE CCS and Harry Potter Fan Fictions. My fave pairings are:

CCS: Sakura+Syaoran, and Eriol+Tomoyo
HP: Harry+Hermione, Harry+Ginny

I mostly write PG-13 and PG fics, and I try not to make them as boring as they might seem on TV.

Here's some stories I want to start on soon:
The Choice is Yours
Summary: Sakura Kinomoto is a poor teen who works at a hotel as a maid for money. Syaoran Li comes to stay at the hotel, and they (Sakura and Syaoran) meet by coincidence, and sparks fly. But, when Syaoran learns all about Sakura's disease and past, will he still stay by her side?

Here's a list of stories I am working on now:
A Musical Piece
Summary: Sakura gets accepted into Julliard and Syaoran into a university near Julliard. When they meet, and sparks fly, will they accept the fact that they just might be siblings, or will they break their parent's trusts to be together?