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Hallo!!! You people crazy enough to be interested in my bio... bwahahaha!!!! *looks around.. aherm*

well, anyway, I'm a junior in one of the most stressing hs in this country, 16, annoyed with the world, and can be very crappy. *grin grin* For now, I'm kind of hyper so bear with me. ^_^

Ummmmm... well, i "critique" some stories of my friends (i won't say who 'coz they'll find out that I made this thing) and I absolutely adore reading... *sigh* my life! (i obviously don't have one! NYAHAHAHA!)

i LOVE anime... lots. errrr. nevermind.

I'm crazy, stressed (most of the time) so I'll only go here once in a while. Still, you could say that I can be a bit obsessed with fanfiction.net. There's lots of great stories here and I intend to read 'em all!! BWAHAHAHA!!! *suddenly appears really gigantic, towering everyone and laughing evilly*

okay, so I have my occasional demented moments. ^_^
*continues laughing evilly* BWAHAHAHAHA!!

- "The Vampire Aoshi" - Oh, my first ever fanfic! It's in now, very near the evil end! *cackles evilly* one last chapter to go!

- Ahhh... I have an idea brewing in the chaotic cauldron that is called my brain, but it's kind of hard to put into writing. so. Maybe soon. ^_^

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