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Okay, never really worked on my profile before, but I figure I'll give it a shot, and let you all know what's going on with me. So... here goes.

Name: Jessica
Age: 19
Location: Baltimore
Planned future as of now: I'm an English major... and I've no idea what I'm going to do with it.I don't want to teach, and I don't want to do Journalism, so who knows. I'm probably going to attempt to work for a publishing company ofsome sort, work my way up in the system and become an editor.I don't know. I could change my mind... again...

Now for some actually interesting things... hah. Riiight... anyway, here it is.
Music: Anything rock thank you very much. I'm a diehard Metallica fan. Other bands include: Van Halen, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Whitesnake, The Cars, Slaughter, Poison, Warrant, Damn Yankees, Nazareth,Skid Row, Guns and Roses, Kansas, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Robert Palmer, Blue Oyster Cult, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tom Petty, John Cougar Mellencamp... anything from late 70's, and 80's pretty much. Oh, and I love Rob Zombie, Smile Empty Soul, 3 Doors Down, Nickleback, and Godsmack,but they don't fit in with the previous bunch of artists.
And... I'm also a country fan. Haha, kind of strange, I'm well aware. But yeah, my favorite country artists are: Toby Keith, Travis Tritt, Tim McGraw, Sawyer Brown, Ty Herndon, John Michael Montgomery, Montgomery Gentry, Big and Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Trisha Yearwood, Alan Jackson, Blackhawk, David Lee Murphy, Alabama, Collin Ray, George Strait, Brian White, Restless Heart, Lonestar, Phil Vassar, Brad Paisley, Brooks and Dunn, Tracy Lawrence, Little Texas, and damn the list goes on. If you can't tell, I like the country from the 90's...

Books: Okay, so sue me. My favorite book when I was a kid was Harold and the Purple Crayon. Don't ask me why, it just was. As of right now though, I'm on a romance (duh!) and supernatural kick:
1. Dark Hunter Series by: Sherrilyn Kenyon -- If you haven't read these books and you're a lover supernatural type books, you have to get your hands on copies of these novels! They are excellent! Here's the website, you can spend hours checking this site out: http:///hunter/hints.htm
2. Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series by: Laurell K. Hamilton
3. The Bridgerton Family Saga by: Julia Quinn -- Not your average Regency England books, these are amazing. I'm not really into historical stuff, but this series is very dear to my heart now. So, here's the webpage, check it out: http://
4. Wings in the Night Series by: Maggie Shayne
5. Black Jewels Trilogy by: Anne Bishop -- This series will blow you away. The world Ms. Bishop creates is so intricate and fascinating, there aren't words to describe how much I adored this series. These books are not good to cuddle up and read on a rainy day, mind you, they're kind of dark, and if you don't like gore then I suggest you stay away from them. But they're amazing, and the way everything comes together in the end...
6. Some Girls Do by: Leanne Banks -- First book I read by the author (and the only...) Now this one is a feel-good book, and I believe that every woman who reads it is guaranteed to love it!
7. The Dollanganger Family Series by: V.C. Andrews -- This was, in my opinion, her best series. The others are okay, I enjoyed The Cutler Family Series, and The Logan Family Series, and My Sweet Audrina, which stands alone, but that was about it...
8. All Around the Town & The Cradle Will Fall & I'll Be Seeing You by: Mary Higgins Clark -- Mystery novels here, folks...
9. Anything by Nora Roberts basically.
Now let's get into some classics...
10. The Scarlet Letter by: Nathanial Hawthorne
11. Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen
12. Persuasion by: Jane Austen -- Personally, I actually liked this one more than Pride and Prejudice... but that's just me!
13. Wuthering Heights by: Emily Bronte

Okay, as you can see, I'm a bookworm, I know. If you have any questions concerning any of these books, or where to find them, feel free to email me. Or if you just want to talk about any of them, I love to chat. Any reading suggestions that you think I'd be interested, please let me know. I'm always in search of a good book to read!! ;o)

What I do besides write: Not a whole lot, really. My family is the most important thing in my life, don't know what I'd do without them. I am the constant mediator in my house, and although sometimes it drives me to the point of insanity I wouldn't have it any other way. I love hanging out and partying with my friends like any other teenage girl! Lol. My cat, Gimmick, is my confidant because he cannot speak. He just sits there, and I pretend he can understand and sympathize. And I adore my new kitten, Sammi.
I ski occasionally... and although I do not play any sports, I am an addicted, diehard, support-'em-even-when-they're-down Ravens fan. I love the players, the game, the action, every aspect of football. Grow up in my house and, well, that's just the way it is.DoI go to the games? Hell yes! Season tickets thank you very much! So much fun...oh, and I'm also a Pats fan and a Titans fan, much to my dad's dismay.
I am a NASCAR fan, and I hate the new points system with a vengence. Any other long-time race fans know what I'm talking about. Favorite drivers: Rusty Wallace (2), Jamie McMurray (42), andKasey Khane (9).Most hated drivers:Jimmy Johnson (48), Jeff Gordon (24), and Jimmy Spencer (even though he doesn't race in the Cup seriesanymore).
Sleep is wonderful, school is horrible and I wish the semester would end, and I could live off of mashed potatoes. The Betty Crocker boxed kind. And that's about it...

Here are the stats to my stories in case you're wondering...

Liv and Damien: Updated 04-23-05. Chapter 15. Next chapter will include a few dramatic changes to our story and our characters... so be on the look out for that, this is the turning point of the story. Finally... lol.

It's a Racing Thing: Updated 9-23-03. Chapter 9. On Hold I'm sorry for those of you who are reading this and coming to a stand still... I keep meaning to get around to this story, but this disc always ends up shuffled in the back of my floppy disc holder and... well, collects dust. But I actually did revisit some of the chapters a few nights ago out of boredom (and guilt), and it made me realize I actually miss this story... a lot. Carrie and CJ are two of my favorite characters, and this plot line is one of my more original pieces. So I'm thinking about writing again for it. No promises, but, hey. Just thought I'd throw that out there, and let everyone know I haven't completely forgotten about it.

Haha... right now, these are my top favorite stories that I'm tracking and everyone else should go read as well, they're wonderful I tell you!
1. Cupid's Arrow by: CheDe
2. Running on Empty by: FutureWriter (completed and God it was amazing!)
3. Hello Kitty by: Endless Dark (completed!!)
4. Tables Turned by: babydoll-007
5. Romeo and Juliet Revisited by: Grunge Muffin
6. Hilton Academy by: Harmonized
7. More Than a Feeling by: RealityBites289
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