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Since people seem to be looking at this now, I'm going to actually write something here.

Fact #1 - Irhista Scetare Lhail is not my real name.

Fact #2 - I am not a Digimon fan ... I am a Ken fan. Ken is fascinating. And adorable. He's 11. And his name is Ken. *giggles manaically*

Fact #3 - If you're 28 years old, don't admit to your parents that you watch cartoons. It only makes them laugh at you.

Fact #4 - You will not catch me reviewing fics that don't stun me with their brilliance. If I have written a review for a fic of yours, consider me stunned.

Fact #5 - Mention one of the Magic Words in your summary, and you nigh-guarantee that I will at least READ your fic : Ken, Kaizer, Emperor, Kensuke. :)

Fact #6 - Those who beg for reviews and threaten not to post the next episode in their fanfiction unless/until they get x-number of positive reviews are childish. Write for your own amusement, people, not for the ego-stroking.

Fact #7 - Okay, this one isn't really a fact, it's a pet peeve. What's up with you people who make minor alterations to your fics over and over to kick them up into the top 50 page for the tenth time, apparently in an effort to collect more reviews? What's wrong with you? Are you afraid that the rest of us just missed it the first time? Is your ego so small you have to keep having it stroked with reviews? Really, I want to know where the dysfunction is.

That is all.