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Hey guys, I'm a newbie writer here on FictionPress and I can't wait to get my juices flowing after a VERY long hiatus. Lets see if I can give a few stats.

Age: 14 going on 15 in November
Location: Ontario, Canada
Favourite Genres: Fables, Fantasy, Young Adult, Essays, Historical
Favourite Book Series: LOTR, Silverwing Saga, Harry Potter

Hobbies: listening to my ipod, sitting on the computer, jogging (SOMETIMES), running about the house

Subjects: English, History, Web Design

Personality: I'm quite quirky sometimes but you get used to me. I'm a kind, caring, empathetic person but not without the exception of moody outbursts. I joke around, I laugh, I try my best to have fun. But deep down I have some inner demons and a bit of depression to conquer, which you'll see in my writings. Oh, and don't forget the fact that I'ma little bit arrogant and a perfectionist sometimes. Don't worry though, I can take flames and criticisms = )

Likes/Loves: Writing, blogging, acting like a young child, confident people, compliments, Enya, the fact that I can't fit into skinny jeans (I don't want to have a straight figure), my ipod nano, all sorts of music, tidiness, prayer, being happy

Hates/Dislikes: Rude people, certain strands in math, insecure people who have to demean others for self-esteem, bullies, waiting in line, being ordered around, depression, being mean, worthless movies, spending money, losing things, producing sub-par work, feeling worthless, demeaning myself

How I became a writer: I've always loved to write and make up stories to cope with my wild imagination. Being a writer wasn't an ambition I had since I was a little kid. It was just something I was good at and accepted as such. Until recently, I've aspired to become everything from a scientist to a pediatrication to a teacher. And then I thought, why not go into a field where my strengths lie? Writing. You see,when Ireally started becoming a writer was whenI posted a Sirius remembrance fic after reading OOTP (Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix). He's my favourite character and I was ANNNNNGRY! So, I vented in a story and people just jumped on it like it was God's gift to fanfiction. The things people do when they grieve... Also, I was only 11, so of course it was ridiculed with underdeveloped plots, grammar mistakes and slang. But, in retrospect, it wasn't a bad piece of writing for an 11 year old. From then on I just started writing and using confidence to know that I could write excellent stories that people would just love.

Plus, I edit everything I post online, from simple forum posts to reviews. You'd be suprised to know that I'm not a grammar freak actually...

Why BlueSaviour15?: AHA! Do you really want me to tell you? OK. Well, I was watching this 1991 movie, Proof, a few yearsback (about this blind guy named Martin who loves to take pictures and his seductive housekeeper. Russel Crowe's in it!). So, the movie was going GREAT until it gets toa part where the housekeeper has Martin flat down on her couch and randomly she WHACKS OUT HER BREASTS! I was NOT expecting that so I grabbed my stuffed dog named Blue (for his blue spots) and said, "OMG, BLUEEE SAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEE!" quote on quote complete with slight screams. He must have covered my face for about five minutes. The rest as they say, is history.

Yes, I know that is completely nerdy. Don't laugh at me ;

Stories: *see below*

Of Strange Fruit and Ripening Offspring: I wrote this after a long long writing hiatus. I had come up with the character of Candy May and she morphed numerous times in my mind. First, she was a teenager who got knocked up by an older lover. Then, she became a schoolgirl who had a cheating boyfriend. Eventally, she became a troubled teenager plagued by racism in her society. I also became inspired after the song "Strange Fruit" by Billy Holiday. Look up the lyrics, read my story, and then you'll know what I'm talking about. (One shot)

Insomnia: I actually wrote this at 9 pm at night, long before my bedtime. I was just inspired because the previous night I was up to about 4 just writing and walking around my room aimlessly because I just COULD NOT SETTLE DOWN. Argh. (One shot)

Everlasting Mother: I'm a pagan and feel a great connection to nature, Mother Earth and the Goddess. Istarted thinkingabout the Burning Times, women's fall in society, the rise of Christianityand misogyny in general and I thought...what would our great Mother have to say about that? I also tried to write in the perspective of a mother andhow the challenges of motherhood would affect her.

Confession of A Canadian Soldier: When I took Grade 10 history last year (even though I was in grade 9) we were assigned thetask of writing a 'trench' letter. It had to be from a soldier to a friend or a loved one, detailing information about World War I and focusing on his viewpoint of the war. My original letter was 'great' and I got about a 90, but I hated it. So, I dug up my old files, rewrote the story and posted it. The tone of the fiction sounds like I'm trying to 'subtly' place facts about WWI. This is the reason why.

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