Minka and Yours Truly
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Elrohir: what the hell are *you* doing here?
Legolas: yes, don’t you know that if you show up here, *they* will hurt us more?!
Elladan: *nods mutely*
Elrohir: Legolas, wait, if *they* are here, then that must meant that – that they…
Legolas: that they are like *them*!
Elladan: oh crap!
Elrohir: oh no!!!!
Legolas: here they come!
*Yours Truly and Minka walk in and push the Elves off their computers*

Be afraid, be very afraid, for we have joined forces!

Yes, your worst nightmare has come true, I, Minka have joined with the wonderful Yours Truly to bring you even more Elf and human torture alike!

Ok, so a little about us:

We are two, evil, sadistic and quite horrible writers that specialize in Elf pain and anguish. Yours Truly is more of the expert on the mental and emotionally side of things while I, will I have no problem with sinking a knife into Legolas every now and then as well as writing a nice little battle scene. Lol.

Yours Truly is the great writer of ‘Master in Deceiving’ a wonderful tale of emotional stress and betrayal working on the idea of Legolas withheld a secret in Moria and believes that he caused Gandalf’s fall into Shadow. It is very good, so I recommend you check it out. Also, she possesses the ability to stay on one story and see it finished, so I may learn a few things here!

I have a short attention span, easily shown by the large amount of unfinished stories on my account – so what do I do? I start to co-write! Lol. I am the author of Shadows Within; Darkness Without and The Blood of the Innocent, just to name a few of the unfinished works sitting under my name!

Umm, our favorite characters are, Legolas, Elrohir and Elladan. I hate Aragorn, but I am not to sure if Yours Truly hates him yet I try to write him as nicely as possible.

Umm, our first story is up – full credit for the idea goes to Yours Truly, I just pushed my way into writing it with her! Lol. We have another story on the way (which I can safely say is very different! Hehe)

Feel free to contact us, or just leave a review.

Minka – writing this crap until Yours Truly and I have time to make a better one! ;)