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So, yeah. I have decided that I am actually going to start writing. I will have a few days off of school, you know, because I tend to find myself sick and/or in the hospital alot. This time I am only going in for a quick surgery, so I will have the rest of the day to write.

I am thinking of starting on a new story, though I would really love to finish my old ones. They need better plots, and better names, not to mention how horrible the summaries are. Yeah, I need to do a lot of work on them.

Age: 18

Height: 5'8

Ethnicity: Irish and French

Hair: Red

Eyes: Hazel (mostly green)

Favorite Movie: Yeah, thats hard.

Favorite Music: Metal, Rock

Favorite Song:Lips Of An Angel (Hinder)

Favorite Food: Japanese

Favorite Anime(s): Trigun, Inuyasha, Magic Knight Rayearth, Tenchi Muyo, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyou 2040, Evangelion, Excel Saga, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Battle Angel Alita, Hellsing, Those Who Hunt Elves, Silent Mobius, Escaflowne, Utena...and alot more...

Story Info: Okay this is the part where I tell you about my current stories and the one's I have idea's for.
Current Stories:

Teenage Vampire: Heh, very much so on hold. I need to rework the plot. I do have some new ideas for it though.

Tenshi Yume: Being worked it...right I type this infact.

Soon to Come

Sweet Dreams: Kinda hard to explain at the moment, I'm working on the first chapter. I got the idea from a dream I had after reading an Inuyasha fic. It's about a girl named Jade, she's the head servant to Prince Aiku and Prince Kinji, until the day she finds out something about her past that she has long forgotten due to amnesia. (not a very good explanation).

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