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"I am firmly convinced that "Jailbait" is better than any classic novel. I feel that high school students around the world should have to sit and read 'Jailbait.'" - Stormfreak, on "In the Vernacular: Jailbait.

Currently, I'm writing DBZ fics, and hopefully avoiding the major trappings of most works. My favorite characters are Mirai Trunks and Goku, but somehow, Vegeta manages to force his way in, and dominate my fics. I blame his ego. Too large to be contained, it spreads into works that didn't start out with him.

"DBZ: The Borrowed Operetta" has been particulary tricky, because it takes some thought to make musicals turn out right. "Cleaving of Emotion" I'm quite happy for, well, once you make it past the beginning chapters. "Almonds" is my first B/V-centric work, and an AU at that. It's turning out pretty well so far, though.

Over on the X-Men side, I enjoy writing Ororo, especially with humor. And I enjoy taking the piss out of Logan, so there you go. "Dulcets" is a simple little thing, I'm leaving the drama to more talented writers.

And, as a bonus for those of you reading this? My next project I'm playing with in my head? "In the Vernacular: New Student."