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~Welcome (well sort of):
Hi, so I'm guessing either I reviewed your work and you're being polite (awww) or you know me (ah how unfortunate for you).
Yeah I know my Pen Name is rubbish, but hey, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing...OK so where shall I start? I'm 16 (damnit) but don't tell anyone as I'm pretending I'm still 15. And I AM AVERAGE HEIGHT FOR A WOMAN - (5ft 4 incase you don't know, and don't tell me I'm wrong because it upsets me)

Love to write, poetry mainly, some of it probably doesn't make sense; I don't really write about real stuff; I prefer writing about random thoughts, feelings or about anything that gives me inspiration - depends what mood I'm in.
Anyway, they make sense to me...

I like most genres of music, not any in particular, just whatever sounds good. Some favourites are Staind, Pink, Linkin Park, David Gray (yay), Eminem, Avril Lavigne ( I don't care what you say some of it is good), Missy Elliot.

I also love reading. Favourite authors are...J.K Rowling, (Harry Potter is for ALL ages OK!) Phillip Pullman (His Dark Materials), Jamila Gavin, Paul Coelho etc..

I like drawing aswell sometimes, when I'm in the mood, but I'm not so great at it. However, I do love body art and being a tattooist or body piercer was one of my many future career ideas, but we'll see.

~Random Unrelated Extra Information:
I'm a vegetarian, I hate organised religion, I have an opinion on most things, I like strange first names, I have a shed :) , I like piercings and tattoos and I will review your work if you review mine.

~After Thoughts:
By the way none of my work is rated because I don't like restrictions and life has so many already. I wouldn't say it's particularly offensive but if you have over-protective parents then, you know, I'm not forcing you to read it.

~Excuses for Poor Writing:
I don't really like much of the work I have uploaded here, most of it isn't my best work, so in my opinion the ones that need most work (and therefore reviews, *hint hint* ;) are:

Undecided (PLEASE HELP!)
* Old News
* She
* Your Voice

~Post Script:
P.S Can people please sign their reviews?! Otherwise I can't review your work! Oh and also the reviews that just say "Wow, that's great!" are nice but not usful AT ALL! Being critical is mean, but necessary! (Actually I'm also guilty of this one.. but I am no longer being nice for the hell of it, expect *complete* honesty in my reviews, yeah you too Caz)

~Quotations (yay!)

"The tragedy of man is what dies inside himself while he still lives." - Albert Schweitzer

"In thigh-high yellow leather boots
Plump Saphonisba strides.
Too bad that, just to hide her calves,
Two calves have lost their hides." - X.J. Kennedy

"When we talk to God, we're praying.
When God talks to us, we're schizophrenic."

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