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Exciting! A bio! Perhaps I am easily entertained...

Anyhoo, I've got three fics going at the moment. I don't know how I'll keep up! I just posted the third chapter to my novel length Harry Potter, I've got over 5000 words done on the fourth, I'm attempting a second part to "Be With Me" and I'm working not-so-steadily on the fourth chapter of "Dream Singer"! As desperate as I've been for book 5, the fact that JKR has finally set one has totally shifted up the timeline for my own attempt at it. GAK!

I really am trying to keep everything going, but DreamSinger has kind of fallen by the wayside. I'll try to get back on track with it. I promise!

Other things possibly in the works...maybe an Animorphs set, and I love seaQuest. Can I say that again? I love seaQuest. And it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that I love Jonathon Brandis, no no no.

Oh. My. GOD! I had the wierdest dream! It was the craziest thing ever! Ok, not quite ever, I did have this one where I got eaten by the big bad wolf (no joke), but this totally wierded me out! It was about Harry Potter Fanfiction! I was at work, and this guy, Creepy Carl, who basically lives at the mall was there, and me and my manager and Carl were discussing Harry Potter, and specifically fanfiction, and Carl starts going on about how the best way to write a fic is to make Harry a bartender...

I told you it was wierd. The funniest part is, though (alright its more sad than funny, but if you knew Carl...), that we don't think that Carl can actually read! So there is no way I would EVER discuss books, let alone writing fanfiction, with Creepy Carl. The mere fact I dream about him, no matter the context, totally skeezes me out.

I think this is a sign I work too much and waste far to much time reading fics.

That does not imply that I will stop.

Other fun me-related things...I'm a college student...My favorite movie is "Follow that Bird"...My favorite TV show is a toss between Sesame Street and Buffy the Vampire Slayer...I'm crazy about Phil Ochs, he's this fabulous singer/songwriter who's dead...and my favorite color is black and I'm overly fond of ellipses. Anything else?

R&R! Much love!