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Up dated news!! 5-28-6: Ok no I have not given up on writing! Really I haven't. >.>;; I know what I want to do and I"m also playing with more ideas to with and see if they work out or not. But really it's all been about the college and the working stuff. Thankfully college is out for the summer and well, I work at a plant nursary so with summer (and it getting to 100 degrees + down here) I'm not working that many hours. SO that being the case I'm going to make my butt sit down and write. I expect some kind of up date this summer, I'll REALLY try to do First Taste (I have everything planed out I just need to write it out...that and I lost/misplaced/can't find the note book with the ending in it >. *). Chances are though I'll probably put up a little S-Files story to get back into the swing of writing, so look for that.

Other then all that crap if you want to know anything else going on just go to the link, I finally broke down and got a journal on line. Also if anyone finds links to my writings (I know someone mentioned that they followed a link to my stories) give me the address I'd like to go and look at those sites. XD

And yes, I'm still looking at publishers. ^_^

I just really wish that I could dedicate my time to writing but I can't because of the whole real life crap that everyone has to deal with sooner or later. But I'll do my best.

And I really am working on getting First Taste published, unfortunetly it's a pain in the ass finding someone who will take the kind of story First Taste is, well the fiction part is the problem. Not that big of a market for gay fiction. That's beside the point. But hey if anyone has an idea of a place to send the sotry then tell me in a review.

But don't fret! I have other stories that I hope to post and get going on here so yeah. If anyone wants to yell or talk to me about publishers or ideas for other stories or ones that I have going then feel free to E-mail me or AIM me and I'll really try to get back to you and or in touch.

FYI: The Mayan's had a God of tatooers named Acat.

Don't ask...

Ok about me... well... *thinks* I don't know.
I love amine (I live for it) and it's all my brother falt for introducing me to it so yell at him. My "coruption" (as my mom calls it) started when I was 10 and statered to play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), then it went from there.

My favoret amine(s) are: Escaflowne (i'm a Dilandau fan ^-^) Princess Mononoke (just took my 3 times to get a good recording of it) X,Gravitaion and other good stuff like that...really any other anime as long as it's good.

My favoret books are: The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop, and any Ann Rice books, and Lord of the Rings *drools* mm Legolas (it's the ears)... any fiction will do really.

Movies:...anime? and any cool Midevil action movie. (Brotherhood of the Wolf)

And I love online comics like Arcana and Your Wings Are Mine. (yes I am shonen-ai/yaoi (maleXmale) fan *very evil grin*)

I guess that's it, I'm kind of not intresting. But my strange(er) side comes out in my writings so it's all good. ^-^;;

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