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All my storys will deal with romance both consensual and non-consensual, and the good guy will not always win unless my readers say theyy want that for a certain story.

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“I have an announcement to make,” stated Thaelith. Not giving the teachers a chance to speak he announce, “As you all know Millie has found favor in my sight and there is a reason for that.” Noticing all eyes trained on him he continued, “When I first saw Millie I knew she was special, looking at her closer I discovered why.”

This is my story. Who am I? I am what was and what is.I am not as alone as people believe. In this underground world there is an empire of adults, children, babies and elders each with a job. No knows me or my past, for them I am simply the messenger. I bring news back from the surface whenever I can go up. Currently it is to dangerous to surface so I sit under a to dim light bulb writing this tale, my tale so that all will remember earths past, and the life of myself, one of the accursed.

She remembered the night her mother had died clearly as one remembers a birthday, she remembered her mother’s deathbed, the hard, cold unforgiving earth. Her audience the townspeople and the stars in the sky above, She also remembered mother clearly on her deathbed with a stab wound through her heart, and the last words she ever spoke to her daughter in the few seconds that it took her to die was,” Find yourself,” and then the wind carried her away on its gentle, cruel, cool breath. Near dawn she was taken to the towns orphanage, and their she grew up with one question in mind, “Who am I?”

Aeternus Eternus Vita
“Take a seat,” said Ella indicating with her pale hand to the couches in front of her. “I believe I owe you all an explanation,” continued Ella looking into the fireplace. “Well let me start by saying that there was this young girl in a field one night, watching a beautiful sunset. The skies looked like they were on fire only to be cooled by the quickly oncoming pink and grays. That girl was Roselyn,a nd I am her.

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