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Hey, I finally made it! Shout out to vwlphb and KillTabby!! Right. Sooo...
I'm 'bout 17, 5'9, and I basically look like a female version of Jay from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" (though my little sister, KillTabby, looks like an evil version of Avril Lavigne. How come she got all the good genes?). I can usually be seen in a backwards baseball cap, torn jeans, a big black coat, and several leather bracelets. I've got a massive love of slash (which I owe to vwlphb, "Boy Meets Boy," and the Sith Academy), Johnen Vasquez shit, Monty Python, and anything to do with Ray Park.

Genres I've done: X-Men, X-Men Evolution, Star Wars, Kevin Smith, Buffy, Big Wolf on Campus, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Invader Zim, Lord of the Rings, a little Sandman

Pairings I like: Toad/Rogue, Toad/Mystique, Kurt/Todd, Obi-Wan/Maul, Jay/Bob, Tommy/Merton, Buffy/Spike

Feel free to email me. I like making friends... (insert creepy laughter)