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~( formerly known as alexluvsv/bfics)~ my penname Romanzesco is italian for romance and alexandrea is my full first name

Hello. I'm alex.

shout-out slash dedications slash ranodm stuff-

sarah k.- you rule. you haveta be the only frined of mine that can stand me and your not embarassed by the wierdness you kick butt.

Lindsey- you are so awesome...most deff. one of the best friends ever.

Brittany- you're just cool.

Rachel- again, too cool for words


currently in my cd player- usually Taking Back Sunday, Alexz Johnson or MCR

current book- the in-death series by jd robb

current fave fic(s)- "Fathoming love" by camaroforever- i LOVE this story but i have no idea where i can find it, Slave by VG (of course)

anything by tempest, heartless, or dark hopeless assasin

Current attitude- mahumna...

Current obession: nothing really

some of my fave non-fan fic sites -

rants of a" Ctrl+Alt+Del- tragically L337

my s/n on there is vegen, i post chpater update dates and times on there. i even throw up some spoilers once in a while.

this is tempestt's site, i recomend going on this site often because she has all her fics from on there, and some that are awesome crazy and not on, completely un-edited and she also updates her stories there before she updates on and the boards are cool.

my older sis is vampiresatanistkuro, i helped her write her story " Old folks home with heros" which is good for a quick laugh. she's also big on fictionpress but i don't know her penname. she's really into angsty poetry and i think she's pretty darn good.

-MY STORIES- stories-

"Getting my bearings"-finished!Leana Brewster returns to her tiny little mountain town for her 10-year reunion she faces her demons and winds up finding out that her classmates are just as screwed up as she is. Maybe even more so.

"The Least You Could Do..."- The sequel to "Getting My Bearings." see summary below

"Prelude"- prequel to "Getting My Bearings"...on indefinete hiatus.

WHERE'S MY CREEK- a dorky musical involving an evil duck and all my friends stories-

Oh, Zat rings a bell (Aka Bathwater AKA 'Oh, Zat rings a bell' AKA Let Go)- COMPLETE!

" No Pure Souls"- A/u B/V/Y, dark/angsty/violent.

" Don't Tell Me."- formly written by Johnny Quest. summary below. ON HIATUS. the plan for this story is that i write the whole thing, then periodically update. don't expect this till summer.

" Bought and sold"- gone. sorry.

"Let Me"- a v/b a/u that i started concept writing for (aka me just writing little blurbs of info)

A.R.'s blurbs! (new section)

I'm annoucing now that i will be writing another three year v/b fic. this will be the ultimate one. i've been doing reasearch and all that to come up with the most accurate v/b fic possible. probaly will take a year or more to complete.

I also want to write a story completly in Spanish next year.

Songfics! I will be coming out with little ficlets/songficlets soon.

Next summer i will be going over OZRAB, reformating and similar things will take place and the story will be up on Mediaminer. I'm not rewriting it, just rechecking it.

I also want to do a contest or two soon. If anyone has a contest or know if any v/b, gk/br, or gt/br contests are going on, e-mail me.

Lastly, this summer i'll be putting up my own site for fan fiction and original fiction of all kinds. i'll announce when it'll be up.

Oh, go check out Amid Much Hysteria. She has a story up that will split your sides! Go now, I COMMADETH YE!





vegeta goddess

android 18

lady lark

senior chippy-kins

music, lots of it

p.s. i got rid of Mixed Dimensions, if you want to read it e-mail me and i'll send the chapters to you. ~alex~

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Ode To An Ex by El Corazon Sangriento reviews
This is the first song I've ever written, so please don't be TOO harsh. Anyway, I wrote it when my BF dumped me, and how liberating a breakup actually is. It's a tad dramatic, not really the way I feel.
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This is a memoir of my first trip to NYC that I wrote for my English class. WARNING: This story is told from a true tourist/hillbilly POV.
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The Least You Could Do reviews
Due to personal complications and computer problems, this story is now on hiatus. Sequel to Getting My Bearings. Chelsea's pregnant, Morgan and Leana are reconnnecting, and Brian and Evelyn are getting married!...Kinda.
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i wrote this after realizing how un-popular i am . don't get me worng. i like haveing no friends.. but sometimes it's depressing and i wrote a poem about how much i want to see the downfall of my peers...i guess u could put it that way...r/r!
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i can't give this one a title
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my second original poem. it's about how weird our perceptions of people are. r/r!
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hi! this is my first original poetry thingy.. i wrote this while thinking about my ex-boyfriend (cough joeychaisson cough) and how much of a @$$hole he was to me ya go
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