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Thank you for choosing CHIPMUNK, Inc. for your daily randominity quota. Please come again and have a nice death.

I've thought about it for a long time and I've decided that, instead of FP, I'm going to most likely upload the sequel to Deviant Art. I'm leaning toward this because I already have an account there and because my website, which is hosted on geocities, is limited both in space and options. (It also has advertisements and over-all is not very professional.) So that's where that stands at the moment, but if I find a better place I'll mention it here.

I will leave Lavander up until my revisions are done and I'm ready to mail it for publication. This could take several months, or just a few weeks, depending on how anal I get about it. Either way, you've got some time.

Sorry chapter 28 took so long. Hope it fulfills its purpose of both tying things up and being an enjoyable read.

~Chippie, 7-21-06

Chippie's Grand Return?!

Er, not. I know nobody checks this nowadays. Anyway, just a little note in case anyone stumbles upon this page and wonders. Even though that's not plausible. *cough*

Those of you who have been following Lavander know that I have up to chapter 27 on here, and that chapter 28 is the last one. (It's almost done, I should only need a few days more!) Being that FictionPress has gone through a severe decline in quality since I joined several years ago (or maybe I've just gotten better?) I've lately been avoiding it. However, because Lavander was so close to its conclusion, I wanted to at least upload the rest of that since there are actually people who read it. That would be why there hasn't been an update of any other story in forever. So here's the deal.

I will be uploading chapter 28. However, I will only be leaving it up for a short amount of time, and then I will be removing the whole story in order to edit and to send it out for publication. There's a lot to do, and while the version here on FP isn't the latest, I still can't take the chance that someone will try and steal it. It's already happened once -- browsing FP some time ago, I found a story which had my first paragraphs copied out exactly word for word.

Luckily my first chapter has since then been completely rewritten, but I can't post the revisions here.

I do have a livejournal community for this story, which I encourage everyone to at least visit from time to time if they want some news. I'm not going to make it a friend's only view unless I have to, which I hope I won't. Leave a comment on Lavander to know the URL (this is my only security check, and it really isn't that difficult).

So, sorry for the inconveniences, and I hope my story is good enough for you to not mind them. I'll see you all soon with chapter 28.

~Chippie, 6-17-06

Legends: Serala ~ Serala is a country that is slowly wasting away, and the fact that King Elith's youngest son wants to go chase dragons isn't exactly helping him figure out a solution. However, when that dragon just might be the cursed prince of a dead kingdom and helps Aiden free a mysterious girl from her prison in the sky, things take a turn for the more chaotic. PG-13 for violence, occasional swearing, and shounen ai.

Lavander ~ Created as a gene manipulation experiment, Surano is known as a humanoid with extreme intelligence, physical capability... and something that makes her dangerous. When she is forced to flee and survive outside the walls of the only place she's ever known she has no idea what that something is. But upon meeting Atke, the icey-eyed orphan seeking revenge, and later a demi-god and a dream-maker, she learns that her existance may be more than it seems, and may even be connected to that of the psycopathic terrorist, Bejann. PG13 for slightly graphic violence and occassional swearing. (up'd from PG)

I update the big stories on weekends or basically any day on which I do not have school. Other stories have a possibility of being updated at random. In regards to prolonged lack of updates: please realize that I am a high school junior trapped in AP and honors classes!

First thing ya'll gotta know: Watashi wa shoki de nai desu!

My fave things to fic about:

1. Anime!!
2. fantasy
3. random stuff that happens to me (mostly goes in Chip Inc.)
4. Strawberries! (well, psychopathic blonde ones, anyway. ^_^ Ichigo-sama's so entertaining!)

Anyway, I'm 17, and a Scorpio. (Although, for all those who know me to be a Gemini, you wouldn't be wrong!)

I took Spanish for three years and am teaching myself Japanese, and hopefully at some point I will also learn Gaelic, Korean, and English. I created the language known in Lavander as Newerian, Chipmunk Inc. as Majarae, and Serala as "that jibberish Kaela sings." I am sometimes known as...

2. Chipmunk
3. Chippie
4. "That insane purple-haired chick who can talk to cartoons"
5. Shorty (although Annie is MUCH shorter...)
5. "Ack! It's alive!"
and occassionally,
6. the girl w/ the insanely long hair
7. annoying -- courtesy of Ichigo-sama

I love anime -- all kinds. From magical anime (the classic: Sailor Moon) to my recent half-obsession, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Tales of Eternia, to Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin, X/1999, Yami no Matsuei, Pretear, Fruitsbasket, etc, etc. I'm really not too picky with my genres!

I also work on original stories, manga, screenplays, and poems, though Ichigo is the actual "poet", and to survive writing my own stories I need the rest of CHIPMUNK, Inc. I guess I should clear up any confusion you have about them as well...

ANNIE is the insane red-headed secretary. She's short and believes she is married to Wufei of Gundam Wing. Beware her yaoi obsession.

ICHIGO is the (blonde) self-proclaimed Queen of Cannibalistic Strawberries. She's also the work-aholic lawyer and the only organized person in the group.

POCKY is the person, not the food. She is absolutely obsessed with hugging people. She's the nicest one and can be trusted with anything.

AOI SAKURA is the youkai-turned-ningen who only drinks water and is obsessed with baking. She occassionally reverts back to daemon mode for homicidal purposes.

Annie's and my website hasn't been updated in quite a while, and really is a bit too random, but go ahead if you want. A great part of it has been turned into the official CHIPMUNK, Inc. website and runoff for AoD. /ooochippieooo

The website I share with Aoi-chan, on the other hand, includes the official pages for Lavander, our collaboration Serala, and her story Kaida Monogatari. /authors_of_doom

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