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This is a shout out to WE HATE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! Do you have any idea how incredibly stupid the guidelines have become? I mean, I understand the nature of them, but it's all wrong. No NC-17 fanfics limits one's area of writing. After all, sometimes pushing the boundaries is what you chose to do. Secondly, no actor based fics is the stupidest idea ever. Sometimes actor based fics help add to the humor of the fic. Claiming they have no plot is crap. And lastly, you've now made us hate you more then we have for the last 2 years of being here. You guys suck. Congradulations, because you just won our lamer of the week spotlight on our webpage. Hope you feel good, you stupid bastards.

OUR WEBSITE IS UP! Check it out today at ! Visit it for message boards, editorials, contests, random humor, fanfics not seen on this site, comics, and much more! Hidiheydiho, y'all (AERIS: I hate it when he says "y'all"). We decided to change our info a little now because we haven't sense those *%$*&% people locked our account for a week. And THAT wasn't much of an update, now was it? So what are we supposed to put in an update anyways? Uh... how about things we like!

Aeris likes the following: Final Fantasy, Phantom of the Opera, Silent Hill, Josie and the Pussycats, hating the X-files, Cloud, and sharing a few banna smoothies with X-treme. (AERIS: Life's great, ain't it?) She also likes finishing fanfics, but isn't very good at that. (Her fics rule, but she needs to finish them!)

X-treme likes: Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, sitting back and enjoying a few twin peaks episodes, Jacob's Ladder, the show 24, Family Guy, and of course... BALONEY SANDWHICHES! He recommends everyone starts their day with at least 32. Possibly even more. (X-TREME: I can't get that phraseout of my head... possibly even more. Thanks, Maico girl! Now I'm stuck!)

For those of you who want to read our old profile... we were too lazy to get rid of it and it had some cool stuff in it anyways. So check it out!

This is the profile where you get to meet the authors! First of all is Aeris Gainsborough, who many people don't know is dead. She's been dead and always will be dead until someone finds an "Aeris Ressurection Code". She now only exists as a ghost. She likes being one, however, as where she has many ghostly powers she inherited from the planet. X-treme, on the other hand, is one crazy (*%&*%. He's brown, he's fuzzy, and he's lovable... but man, he can have a nasty temper! He also has wings and humogous horns on his head.

AERIS'S FIC FINISHING FOR STARS IS FINALLY UP! Read it now! It's really funny! And if you don't read it, well, you didn't read it. Your loss. Oh well.

X-treme has found lots of success and balony sandwhiches here, especially with the fics Silent Hill and The Miss Alexandria Contest. X-treme can write pretty seriously, although he never takes life seriously. Read his fics! Plus, he has a blaring ego! He's the egotistical egotist and needs his blaring ego to eGO down about 32 nothces. Maybe more. (Sorry. I read a review that said I have an ego and had to get that out of me. Maybe it's my ego or something)

Oh, and if anyone knows where a certain Mr. Pibb fountain is, contact us immediately! X-treme's been searching for years but has never found it.

AUTHORS WE'RE FRIENDS WITH: Rufus J Shinra, Xyra, Kujabeans, and Scarr. Oh, and we're not about to forget Kitty! (Sorry I forgot to add you!)

AUTHORS WE HATE: LickMyTail. What else needs to be said? Oh, and Prositin is pretty stupid too.
Remember: if you want to be added to this list, feel free to flame us! Just email us at [email protected] We embrace this mail with open arms!

Thanks for reading! Don't drink and drive!