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Author has written 9 stories for Fable, General, Fantasy, and Romance.

I have an account on FF . Net under the same name, though I am on hiatus from writing fanfics. When I do, I write HP (though I, gasp, haven't read DH yet), BtVS, crossovers and anything that catches my notice.

I like fantasy, a lot. It features in most of my writing, from pure fantasy to fantasy in a contemporary setting. My mythological creatures come in humanoid shapes. However, fantasy is not the only thing I write, for I also do "slice of life". I also mostly write slash, these days so what I post will be of a slashy nature. They will very rarely be under an M rating. I have a writing journal on LJ, which is the one featured above. It is now updated with alarming regularity, though I update my WIPs painfully slowly. You're lucky if you get a chapter a month, though to be honest, I write long chapters. My chapters are very rarely below 8000 words so while you have to wait a while, you usually have a lot to read when I do update.

My humour is dark, sarcastic and cynical and as such my writing reflects this. I am also whimsical, nonsensical, "batshit insane" and a closet romantic and as such, these things are also reflected in my writing. My characters are often outlandish, insane, shameless and pervy. I like 'em that way. They're either that or violent, antisocial, socially inept bastards. I am shallow, so they're almost always very pretty.

I read Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Coupland, Anne Bishop, Jill Mansell, Jasper Fforde, Jacqueline Carey and Gregory Maguire. I also like T.S. Eliot, Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, William Blake, Edgar Allan Poe, Lord Byron, Keats and Coleridge.

I like photoshop, photography, art (especially the Surrealists, the Post-Impressionists and the Symbolists), architecture, movies (blockbusters, indie, international films, cult classics etc.). My music taste is as eccentric as my taste in movies (indie rock, classic rock, metal, j-rock, j-pop, pop, cheese, swing, jazz, blues, opera, classical, trance, drum n' bass, house, etc). I also like philosophy, learning about different cultures and religions and the basis of that, I like learning about ethical issues and the different thoughts on it.

I also like to name my electronic items. My laptop is Poe, my iPod is called Edvard, my PSP is Tau Ceti. My phone was Bréanainn, but I've lost it and therefore feel woe. I am turning 22 this year and I'm studying Archaeology and Art History in the University of Nottingham. I've been on a GAP year before this, wherein I worked in a private art gallery as a research assistant, then on to my father's company first in the HR department, then in the marketing department. Both of which I hated. But ah well. I'm also hoping to go into Journalism in the future.

For any ficbits, teasers, information of my stories or more regular updates, go to my LJ.

edit 01/06/2008:

Holly has an LJ, people! Go check it out.
Caellach has an LJ too! Take a look at it here.
Torin& Tighernán's journal is here!
Lorccán's journal is here too!
More LJs will be forthcoming. Look forward to seeing an LJ for Gabe. Feel free to friend/watch/comment on their journals.

edit 05/07/2008:

Exciting news! Cado in Tenebris will be broken up into several "books" as opposed to staying one long story. Each book will be from a different character's POV. That said, CiT has hit the 50 000 words mark (that I've written) and is nearly over. Just about five or so chapters more before moving on to Book 2 (loosely titled Abyssus in Tenebris or Lux in Tenebris). I'm trying to get CiT over and done with sometime in August. fingers crossed

edit 08/05/2009:

I am aware that some of you are not happy with the ending of Gabe and Holly's story. Let me remind you now that at the beginning of it, I mentioned that these ficlets are a precursor to their main story, thus the ending is a plot device.

If you're wondering why I don't post very often to FP, this is because I'm very bad at updating. Check my LJ if you want to see anything up-to-date.

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