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I believe reading gives us the power to surround ourselves in a bubble leaving the outside world. It shapes our ideas, imagination, and actions which makes us who we are. Books, stories, and poems are my silent friends. It's only when I turn the first page that they start speaking to me.

I write not only to put my thoughts down but to bring you to my world. I only hope that what you experience brings about something good in your life no matter how small the feeling or action might be. :D

Small bio about me. I'm a quirky Filipino lady owning lots of hats. My favorite reads are of fantasy, romance, and humor. I love to read but writing does take a lot more out of me; more pausing, over-thinking, and nitpicking. Yet hopefully the finished result is readable to a trained eye! Please enjoy and review!


Kill Em With Kindness: So you're probably wondering where the chapters went, right? I deleted them because I'm actually planning on uploading the story up on amazon. It's exciting and I'm pretty happy about it! I apologize for the people currently reading it to suddenly not have anything else to read. You can pick up where you left off by buying the ebook on amazon which I haven't uploaded yet but should be on soon like later this week. I also did cut the story in half into two books because I was afraid of the amount of kbs wouldn't be able to be uploaded all the way and it's a pretty long read for it to be just one story. Unfortunately, I probably won't have the second part of the book ready soon since I just got done editing the first part. Please expect the second part to be up maybe sometime in November? I'm not very sure.

Thanks again for the people who have read the story and if you really like it, please purchase it. I'll leave more updates soon once I get more information.


Kill Em With Kindness: I have awesome news for my readers. Kill Em With Kindness is now in amazon and I will give you the dates for when the book will be available to purchase for free. Yes. For free! Starting 12am Pacific Standard Time on October 23, my book will be free! It's only until October 24th though. Two days. So just watch out for it and you can have your own copy in your hands! Yay!


Kill Em With Kindness: Will be free on the 24th & 25th of June on the kindle in the Amazon website. Check it out!


Kill Em With Kindness: It'll be free in Amazon on October 25th and 26th. Save the date!


Kill Em With Kindness: Will be free on Jan 19th & 20th so look out for it. I feel like I should be writing another story soon so I am working on that. I miss writing. I've been reading more lately though and it's more fun doing that.


Kill Em With Kindness: Will be free until the 22nd! Get it while you can!

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