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Shout out to my snuggle bunny Lauryn. (That's two by the way red.)

My IQ is 172! I just feel like bragging. Ummm. Right.
If anyone noticed a change in that, its because that's my new test score. Still a dissapointment though. Not as high as when I was twelve. On to the good part.


An Act of Kindness: Hmm... I'm hoping this one will be my pride and joy. Of course that doesn't change the fact that I'm lazy beyond belief. Probably at very least 10 chapters. I'm just being careful not to write myself into very small corner inbetween a rock, a hard place, and a laser fence with bloodthirsty harpies circling above me like I did with EoA.

End of Adolescence: My first fic and it shows. I was pretty much just getting into writing. Dissapointingly, I wrote myself into a corner inbetween etc. etc. etc. so unless I get like a hundred emails about it I probably won't continue it.

Wandering to a Wedding: Hmm.. my only RuroKen fic. Thanks to the gentle prodding of Haz cinnamon, I'm going to continue it. I originally wasn't because of the dissapointing amount of reviews I got. (Come on people! Nine? I'm a genius. I need more than nine!!) Oh, and sorry for my stupidity. I forgot that Soujiro refers to Shishio as -san not -sama.

Practice for Fatherhood: Sorry people. Oneshot. My 2nd fic, that I wrote at about the same time as chapter 2 of EoA. Short, and in my oppinion, my worst yet.

Anywayz, more about ME!!! YES MEEEEE~EEE~!~!~!

Age: Ain't tellin ya. Why? I dunno. Don't feel like it.

Sex: Male (big or not so big surprise there)

Location: Auburn, Washington, 98001

Favorite Manga/Anime in order:
1. Inuyasha. Gotta love it for realz.
2. Ranma 1/2. Another by a manga genius.
3. Rurouni Kenshin. Excellent. If you haven't read it, do so. I reccomend the manga above the anime by the way.
4. Hunter x Hunter. Manga and anime, but the anime is kinda obscure. Then again, so is the manga. A must read IMHO.
5. Black Cat. The only reason why this isn't higher up is because (hella good site) hasn't scanlated much of it. DAMN IT WORK YOU LAZY BASTARDS.
6. Chobits. Cute, but a little too short.