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So I guess I should say something about myself, eh? Well, I'm a 22 year-old college student with low self esteem, a major fan of anime & manga, along with some american comics as well. I'm not a writer or an English major, this is just my hobby. I'm best at writing satire and comedy, but like to try my hand at drama, mystery, and action. You'll notice, however, that my rather cynical nature tends to show through ANYTHING I write. (Basically, I write pessimistically, but I do love the happy-in-some-way ending!)


Where oh where did she go...? I'm on FanFiction.net! Same penname as here - Flamemajic. I'm writing fanfiction now for the anime/manga series One Piece, Ranma 1/2, Slayers and Naruto! I'm also on (penname 'hyousa') for my lemon fics - only one for now, a YuYuHakusho fic.

About My Stories:

WHY THEY ARE RATED PG-13: I like to swear. Not gratuitously, but I like to be ABLE to. I also like to have fight scenes with blood included. I can't write romance, so don't expect citrusy-content in my stories, the rating is purely for my language and action. Unfortunately. (EDIT: Now I CAN write romance, and I do so on a regular basis! I have grown just a little bit since I was 15 and made this profile. ;_;)

Phoenix Horizon - This story is listed as a Sci-Fi Mystery/Action/Adventure, but it's really more of a Mystery/Drama/Action/Adventure/Romance/Humour piece with a little bit of Horror & Parody in there too. If you look carefully, I'm making fun of almost every major Sci-Fi TV show and movie ever made. Basically, PH has something for everyone! I think so anyway. Anyway, it's about the crew of a cargo ship and their adventures as employees of some universal scum, who are on a quest for some mysterious thingy! It's a lot more serious than this description makes it sound...

Chibis in My Head - This is not really a story. It is a conversation between the chibis in my head, so its really like a sort of internal dialogue amongst the various aspects of my personality. They are all quite strange, which explains why I am such a nutcase. Strangely enough though, it does seem to have some sort of plotline...

Fallen - All of my work is "Work In Progress", but Fallen is the most. Even the title is being actively worked on ('Fallen' is WAY too unoriginal). Anyway, it's a fantasy story about four human warriors gathered to defeat some major evil. They end up getting help from various spirits, including one mysterious young demon woman assigned as their Guardian. It has time traveling too. It started out as a fanfic, but see if you can guess which anime it USED to be...

49 Days - Winner of NaNoWriMo 2003. Not that that means much, other than that I have too much time/ambition on my hands. :p This is a prequel to 'Twilight of the Soul' and it tells the story of Shinzou Hyougotani and the 49 days he spends helping a ghost get to the underworld. Isn't he a nice guy?

Soul Dirt - Basically it's a scene of two guys, Wren and Rick, sitting on a hillside and discussing sin and redemption using the metaphors of dirt and rain. Deep, ne? Written as an exercise in my fiction writing class.

Seven - A story of a guy named Wren sitting in his car, trying to figure out why exactly he exists. Kinda depressing. I wrote it for my Fiction Writing class as well... I don't particularly like this story, but it got me a 'B'.

Sparky's Book of Shadows - Winner of National Novel Writing Month 2004. The story of a young werewolf, raised as a human, uprooted from normal life. Not worth reading, but people might have it bookmarked, so I leave it. This story is ABANDONED, because the other 20-odd chapters were lost in a hard drive crash.

Days of the Wolf - Winner of National Novel Writing Month 2005. A complete, total rewrite of Sparky's Book of Shadows (2004's novel). It's about a guy named Sparky who's a college dropout and works in a video store.He likes to sit around in his dark apartment by himself, or go out on the fire escape to stare at the moon. Yep, a normal guy.That is, until weird stuff starts happening to him... COMPLETED NOVEL!

Twilight of the Soul - Winner of NationalNovel Writing Month 2006. Actually about book 3 or 4 in the saga for Shinzou & Co. Mysterious darkness, dragons, sorcerers and all kind of fighting. It's about a quest to - what else? - save the world.


11-2-07 - Braiiins... zombie-nyu... NaNo brings me back from the dead again this year. A rewrite of Phoenix Horizon is in the works. I bet you all didn't see that coming!

11-7-06 - My writing has really died since I started college, hasn't it? Well, I've discovered the magic that is... outlines! (Finally, grade school is sinking in.) Outlines are my friend, and I'm using them to set up the story line for several 'books' involving Shinzou & the rest. I may do a rewrite/finish off 49 Days too!

11-4-06 - It's NaNo time again. I'm putting DotW up so that if my compy fails again, I'll still have the files. Plus, it's better than rotting in obscurity on my hard drive. Damn, I'm in a bad mood. Anyway, I'm also writing my new NaNo for this year - Twilight of the Soul. Everybody's favorite manga-style characters come back for an encore...

12-3-05 - She liiives! Zombie-rific! Nah, college sucks, ya know? Oh well, I managed to get my NaNoWriMo done this year, and it's COMPLETED NOVEL! Yes, it has an ending, and its already been written! No need to worry if I'll actually finish this one!

3-07-05 - I'm still alive, though many of you probably think I'm a brainless zombie by now. I once again forgot to publish chappy 9 of 49 Days, plus I had a major, major computer failure last week. You're lucky I still have 49 Days to publish. I'll try to remember to put it up tonight.

As of: 11-02-07 - TotS published.
Phoenix Horizon: Chapter 23 - 0.90 -HIATUS
CiMH: Chapter 26 - 0.80 - HIATUS
Fallen: Chapter 2 - 0.60 - HIATUS
49 Days: Chapter 9 - HIATUS - Lost in hard drive failure.
Sparky's Book of Shadows - DISCONTINUED - Lost in hard drive failure.
Days of the Wolf: Finished. Entire story published, thrown to the wolves, as it were. No editing done. I'm lazy.
Twilight of the Soul: Chapter 1 - A finished story, written for NaNoWriMo 2006. I've been sitting on it, but now I'll publish a few chapters for you.

CURRENTLY WORKING ON: Fanfiction! Check me out at fanfiction.net - same penname.

CELEBRATE! I broke 100,000 Words Archived with my posting of 49 Days - Chapter 5 on 5-21-04!

NOTE ON FANART: Please! I'd LOVE to have any fanart for my stories that my readers would like to submit to me! If I have it though, I'll post it on my webpage unless specifically requested not to by the artist... but at any rate, I really want it!

Feel free to e-mail or IM me about most anything... I usually like to talk. Uh, I'd kinda appreciate it if you mention one of my stories at least once during the conversation, though. ("Hey, I read Fallen yesterday. So, who do ya think's gonna win the World Series?" Me: X_X) The one thing I HATE though, is if you IM me to get me to 'write' your stories for you. I'll give advice, sure no prob, but don't ask me to give you a whole outline and a plot in its entirety. I need my creativity for my own stuff!

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