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First and foremost, THESE ARE MY STORIES!! I am NOT stealing them. *glares* I was posting under a friend's name, but decided to take everything down for some reason, so I'm reposting all of my work here. Oh, and since this happened, I lost all of my reviews, so for crying out loud, REVIEW! Even if you've done it already, do it again. I want my reviews back... *sobs*

About me... Um, I'm a medical student, so anything I post (now that I've gotten around to it) will have massive delays in updates. Sorry. I have no free time. I have no life. Please don't hate me! ;_;

I've said it once, but I must say it again. REVIEW!!! Now that I've put up something, for the love of all things slimy and perverted, review!

Yay! My computer is working again! Took me three weeks to fix the stupid thing, and four attempts at reformatting the harddrives, but it works! Now that it does, class has started again, so updates are still going to be slow. Sorry.