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January 14, 2010
I took Shatter the Moonlight down, because I clearly haven't been updating. It's not lost, however. I just have much re-thinking to do, and a lot of editing (because it took until November of '09 before I got the data on my very broken computer back, something I'm not at pleased about because I've effectively lost touch with this story). I'll have to keep what The Sun and Shadow said in mind when I edit, because I haven't forgotten those reviews.

And I have a brand new computer now, but I save my stories (and story ideas) to a separate, 750 GB removable hard-drive (because I'm paranoid about it, now-a-days).

July 4, 2008
There isn't going to be an update for a little while, because my computer has a virus on it. I had to create a new user just to type this -.-

Anyway, I have the unedited version of chapter 7 floating around, and chapter 8 is/was about a quarter of the way through. I haven't the foggiest when I'll be able to post - I'm waiting for my friend-neighbor to come over and save my documents folder to his computer, and then wipe my hard-drive and re-install Windows. He has a job of his own, so I can't predict with any certainty when everything will be up and running correctly again (whoever invented SystemDefender should be stabbed to death).

I really, really hope that I don't loose those chapters, because I'll probably just die if I do :cries:

June 25, 2008
Alright, the edited version of chapter five is up and ready to be read.

June 23, 2008
I edited everything I've written, so Shatter the Moonlight should make a bit more sense now. I still haven't begun chapter five yet, but I have plans to do so as soon as possible (like within the next week or two). I know there are still many questions to be answered, but all of them will get answered as the story progresses. I just don't know how long this process will take.

Edit: Never mind, I've posted chapter five. Yay, me! It hasn't been edited yet, and if I weren't helping a friend with her own fic then I'd have it done. As it is, expect the edited version by tomorrow. Wednesday by the latest.

April 18, 2008

I deleted the prologue, because I really can't stand it at all.

No, I haven't begun writing chapter five yet. I want to, really! But life has become something of an issue of late and I'm just waiting for summer to start when I'll have weekends to myself again. I should have it and chapter six complete and posted by June, but don't hold your breath. I'll do my best; that all I have to give.

I've not given up on this, so don't worry about that. Despite my sudden lag in writing-time, I'm still confident in this story (and I've been concerned with Chapter Four _).

February 26, 2008
So I began to write Shatter the Moonlight yesterday. Initially, this story was titled Flames of Winter, but I decided to take it a whole different way. In fact, none of the characters are the same (though many of them share the names of previous characters).

I'm pretty sure I'll go fairly far with this version; in fact, I can see an ending for it in my head! I like this one much better, and I'm writing out the next chapter already. Every time I turn around, I get a new idea. So yeah, I'm in love with this newest version - I even have several excerpts written for future chapters... So except to see several updates.

Eventually, I think updates will slow to a crawl as I try to decide how to get things to work together, but at the moment I'm feeling pretty confidant.

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