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My favorite show is digimon, so most of my fics are going to be about digimon.

My favorite couplings are Takari, Mimato, Taiora, and Kenyako for digimon.

I love to use the computer and play video games.

I have a gamecube, PS2, Nintendo 64, super nintendo, and a playstation.

i also enjoy playing outside.

Hikari Takaishi, and Athena_Courage are my favorite authors.
New author soul of fyre158. Ahhh!! I forgot CherryBlossom!!!
Darn I also forgot another author that I've admired since I started reading fan fics. Well it's no suprise, I mean every Takari fan bio I've read has her in there fav. author list.(almost)Well I'm going to stop flapping my gum and say who it is...hmmm...Anz Angel Hikari.
looks like it's the top 5 now *sigh*

Those are the 6 best authors in my opinion.(if my opinion means anything of course)

Also I don't own anything related to Digimon other than the plot of my stories.

MOST IMPORTANT NOTE EVER!!! Toei Animation and all those other companies want to stop Digimon at season 4!! You can sign a petition, here's something to help you.

I spent 20 minutes trying to find the right petition, because of what Digimon has gave me, a REAL dream, I feel like it's my duty...the adress is

If Digimon has given you something then give it something in return!!!
EVERYONE we WILL win this one!!!!!