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Heyas there!
yahoo IM: [email protected]

Please PM me for my e-mail address.

Personality: I'm fairly friendly, and love to talk to new people. I'm also the most sensible of my group of friends, and am deemed the leader for it. Well, I think part of it may be that I also don't allow idiocy from my friends (and keep them in check), but that's not the point. I'm serious and down to earth, and am a Taurus (Sun - Western Zodiac). And an Earth Snake (Eastern Zodiac). This is all true unless I'm in a bad mood. Then run for the hills because I'm just plain mean when in a bad mood, though I do try not to take it out on other people.

Born/lives: I'm a born and raised Californian, from a small town in the central valley where I currently still live.

General Information and Goals: I graduated from high school a year early, and am currently enrolled in a community college. I'm going to finish my AA in business there before transferring to Stanislaus in Turlock to finish up my majors: Business, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship (say that one 10 times fast), as well as Accounting. I'm planning on becoming fluent in Japanese, German, and Spanish (sometime in my lifetime). I would love to learn Latin, Arabic, and Gaelic. Update: I'm finishing my AAs in business and liberal arts this fall and hopefully starting this upcoming spring at Stanislaus.

Physical traits

Gender: Female

Age: 20 as of this last May...was born in '89

Height: 5'11

Hair: brown, longish (halfway down my shoulder blades), layered.

Eyes: green eyes that sometimes appear to be blue, contacts (clear)

Weight: I don't think you need to know.

Beliefs: I'm part of a small circle of 'other' people. Small meaning three-four (including myself). I believe in magic, other dimensions, mystical creatures, reincarnation and such stuff. I'm always up for a conversation on my beliefs.

You can reach me through the PM system here. I'll give you my e-mail if you ask nicely. I'm always up for making new friends, so PM or e-mail me if you think anything I've mentioned (or will mention) is interesting.

Original Works:

Currently Writing/Revising:

In the Shadow of the Moon: (Under some serious revision.)When Emerald moves into town she final begins to come to terms with her existence. Maybe, just maybe she'll be able to settle in one place; after all, there are more supernaturals in this town than there are non-supernaturals. This might be one of the only places for a mutt were to survive.

Strange Occurrences: (Going to be completely rewritten. Now if only I could find my story notes.) First part of a trilogy. Demons invaded on Friday February 13, 20XX. Now the world is under siege, and a small group of young men and women might be all that will save one town from destruction. First to get to safety, second to make sure some people remained free, third to get them to listen to a bunch of twenty-somethings. Surviving will not be easy.


Currently Writing:

One Piece:

Of Pirates and Weddings: When the Strawhat Pirates land on a small island with their three new crew members they don't plan to stay long. Maybe long enough to rest a little and restock, but no longer than that (after all, Luffy has to become the Pirate King sometime before he turns 30) Enter the Strawhat Pirates' need to help those they come across after they meet two lovers from feuding clans. Can the Strawhats help these young lovers? And what was that about the forest god of the island? On very extended hiatus. (Please try to ignore the italics here. They will not go away.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Unnamed: Katara/Zuko. Very, very dark and disturbing chonicle of their relationship. Cover's each episode where Katara and Zuko meet and some interludes of Katara thinking. Very, very dark. I cannot believe I'm writing it. Suggests that Katara has slept with both Aang and Sokka. I probably won't post this one here if I ever finish it. (I started this in the middle of the Earth? book. Right after Zuko cut his hair.)

In the Works:

One Piece:

Unnamed: Lucci/Paulie story spaning from their meeting through and beyond the Enies Lobby Arc. Still researching. Any help would be useful. I need to learn something about ships and leopards. And figure out how I'm going to write Lucci as not a complete bastard (because he really, really pisses me off and makes me wonder about my sanity in writing a story where he's a main character).

NaNoWriMo project: Silver Hunter's backstory. From her arrival at the monesary through her heading out for the island she meets Nixie on. Will cover her relationship to the Lunar Hunters as well as her connections to Marine officials (and why she calls Smoker her brother).

Gakuen Alice:

Unnamed: Natsume/Mikan. Dark with heavy sexual suggestions. Takes place when they're a bit older. Mikan is clueless and Natsume is very, very possessive.

Fairy Tail:

Unnamed: Natsu/Lucy. There are just some things Natsu takes for granted. Like the fact that Lucy is his, even if she doesn't know it. Being raised by a dragon gave Natsu very clear ideas about owning things (he had his own little horde), and Lucy just wasn't getting it. Lucy starts dating someone and it makes Natsu very, very unhappy.

Unnamed: Gray/Lluvia. Lluvia loves Gray, but she doesn't really know him. When they go on a mission together it seems that destiny is smiling on Lluvia. She gets to be alone with the man she loves, but once she gets to know him will she still love him? Probably, but the real problem is getting Gray to see her as anything other than a friend. (Not sure about this one.)

Devil May Cry:

Unnamed: Dane/Nero. People are disappearing from existance and everything related to them disappears. The memories of those closest to them are mostly unaffected, but people that weren't close with the missing person lose all memories of them. There aren't even photographs left. Soon enough more and more people are disappearing. The very fabric of space/time is unraveling and it's up to Dante to save the world. Again. This time though, he'll need to call on every resource at his disposal.

List of things given to me by author of stories I've reviewed on:

Charcoal Angel -

(1) 1 White rose
(2) 1 Cookie
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Ice Dagger -
(1) Yura of the Hair comb
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(3) More Yura of the Hair items of my choice

InuHanyouGurl -
(1) 1 cookie for being the first person to be killed in a review to her by a runaway muse
(2) 1 piece of a Kit Kat Bar...

Mephistophelian -
(1) 1 meterstick Tenseiga

WhyMustIWrite -

(1) Limited Edition Blind!Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure, Phantom Menace Edition

I know, pathetic list...sighs

Things I owe/have given authors:
etcetera-cat - 1 flamethrower

DreamScribbler - 2 plates full of yummy things

Naoko2 - 1 flamethrower

Ice Dagger - 1 plate of her favorite food, and more food of her choice...

RabidAnimeGurl - 2 plates of cookies

Shae Enspira - 1 P-27 to use wisely...smirks

prettywithapistol - 1 cookie yummy yum yum!

Boomerang-chan(Bambi-chan) - 1 potted tree

Sakura-Clover - Something she really wanted and didn't get for her birthday.

InuHanyouGurl - my will, to give to my parents after my muse kills me for not writing in so long.

Uozumi - 1 potted Sakura Tree as a end of story present

A short list so far...but I think it should get longer...

I love Inu-Yasha and CCS, also HP, and Troy

My favorite pairings are as follows:

One Piece:

Sesshoumaru/Older Rin


Harry/OC or other

Favorite OP Character:
Roronoa Zoro and Trafalgar Law

Favorite IY Charater:
Yura of the Hair

Favorite CCS Character:

Favorite Trigun Character:

Favorite Cowboy Bebop Character:

Favorite HP Character:
Ginny (through book five)

And here's a total plug for my gaming guild: Look up Champions of the Realms if you play MMORPGs! We're friendly and willing to help newcomers at any time. Remember, that's Champions of the Realms (previously Companions of the Realms). Look us up in game or on the web: http:// You can find information about the games that we're in as well as which servers to select at the website. PM me for more information.

Note: The following websites have not been updated in a very long time. I lost my login info...

http:///frndwolflov/myhomepage/poetry.html -this is my poetry page
http:///frndwolflov/myhomepage/profile.html - this is a profile page
http:///frndwolflov/myhomepage/rant.html -this is my rant page

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This is a collection of all of the poems that I have written, I'll always post them on this, adding to it, then post them seperatly.
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