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Hey people! I dont really know what to write here, except to say that I hope you like my stories... please tell me what you think of them, either by reviews or by e-mail. Im just starting out as a writer so please dont think of me too badly yet ^_^

I LOVE anime, but my fav's have to be Sailor Moon and Inu Yasha... oooo ya gotta love the little demon with the cute little doggie ears... ^_^

Oh, and if you want to message me on AIM, go ahead. I would just like to say, that if you have an offending message, or you refuse to tell me who you are, and where you got my name, I WILL block you. So if you wanna, just message me and say, 'Hey Lady Red, I read your fanfic and I loved it (hehe)' or something along those lines...