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Well, well, well, where to begin. First let me state that this is my new and improve fictionpress endeavor, I'm going at this story business with a vengeance. Okay, anyways I'm very silly and my friends will call me crazy, but I'm not (no seriously). I am a christian, I love God and trust Him with my whole heart. It's hard for me to sum up myself in a few paragraph. Anyways here we go...

I'm just me. I have my passions, many are strange, but they make up the puzzle that is Cordae. I don't fit into any one group. I read because it's my sustenance, and without it I'd wither away. I'd be an empty husk, incomplete, unsatisfied, a lost and wandering soul with no hope or destination. I read because books are precious gems that are meant to be cherished studied and reverenced, within their pages are the secrets of society, the thoughts and opinions of nations, the lives of millions. I read because I'm starving. Books are my bread and butter and you don't take bread and butter away from a starving person.

Another puzzle piece of the jigsaw that is Cordae is my fascination with writing, which can be reduced to my simple appreciation of words. Everything I can't say, everything that I'm afraid to say or admit flow freely as I write it. Every inhibition fades into the distance as the words weave intricate patterns, divulging hidden truths and revelations. Words allow me to say everything that I ever wanted to say but was too afraid to, they're my essence.

As I type these eccentric rants, I'm listening to music. Music is great, I enjoy listening to it so much. Some songs just wrap me up, holding on until the final beat has ended. Every type from gospel to alternative, classical to rock, r and b to rap, as long as the beat is good, the voice is great, and the lyrics don't make me flinch, I'm good. I also really like to sing and I love people with pure voices.

What else is there to say, I can tell you a few of my quirks. I can't sleep at night, even when I know I have to get up early to do something, I'll stay up. My friends will tell you that I'm an insomniac, I don't think so though. I don't have a lot of patience, which I'm really sad about. I can't stand people that are arrogant and ignorant at the same time. I really don't like when people are late, it annoys me to no end. You can see my every emotion by looking at my face. I smile a lot so when I'm not smiling or laughing I always end up looking sad or serious. I have a fear of not being able to breathe, which sucks a lot. I'm always cold. I love sports and I'm really competitive. I'm always bored and want do things. I'm very protective of my books. I love coffee so that makes every Barnes and Nobles one of my favorite places.

These few paragraphs give the merest hint at who I truly am. There's so much more to me, more than you or anyone will ever know. There are things about myself that I cling to and even my closest friends aren't privy to. But this is all you get, all I'll let you see. It's been nice talking to you, I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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