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Heh heh . . . I'm so glad finally has a MLP section! ^_^

I'm LM, short for either Lady Moondancer or Legion Maximus, depending on whether you're a My Little Pony fan or a Transformers fan. ^_~ I always loved My Little Ponies, but only started writing MLP fanfics a few years ago. My "version" of Ponyland is partly based on HQT's, but I added my own unique twist to it. *WEG* Many of the supposedly female ponies are, in fact, male (Skydancer, Applejack, etc.) and I have a less happy-sappy land than Hasbro. (Did anyone else want to kick Morning Glory in The End of Flutter Valley? "There must be an innocent explanation for this seemingly mean act!" Yeah, Morning Glory. Right.)

(BTW, if you add me to your ICQ list, be sure to mention that you saw my ICQ number at Fanfiction.Net or I might not authorize you! ^_^'')

I've currently got my finger in many pies as far as writing goes . . . I write a chapter here, a chapter there, and one of these days something is BOUND to get finished. Right? RIGHT??? ^_^''

If you have a few extra minutes, visit the TNT Message Board--short for Twinkler 'n Tigerhawk's Little Purple Board of Destruction! *G* We've got sections for MLP, TF, poetry/fanfic/drawing section, and if all else fails we've got the hopping Off Topic section.

Here's the link:

Well, that's it for now! Have fun and keep writing! ^_^

~LM~ signing off!