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Hello people, to start with, im currently in some muggle place (huh! like you care!)...I'm a pathetic fan of LoTR and Harry Potter...In LoTR of course I like the gorgeous Legolas Greenleaf...I have seen the first movie and i'm currently stuggling to see the second one... I haven't read any of the books but i'm starting to read LoTR and the fellowship of the ring...In Harry Potter I used to like Draco n Lucius Malfoy (well, i still like them)but no, no, not like before cause i've learned to love Sirius Black and Remus Lupin! I think they're cool! I haven't finished reading book 2 but I HAVE finished book 3 (and that's the reason why i've learned to love Remus and Sirius) & currently reading book 4 and i've seen the first two movies.

More about myself? I'm the only girl in the family, I'm the eldest and being the eldest isn't cool specially when you wanna spank your brothers and you can't! I love my friends so much! (Hello Aia, Angge, Cyril, Yayi, CaƱets) They are really cool! I guess that's all...

Hey I do support slashes and i think Remus and Sirius makes a good pair, don't you think?...
these are my favorite pairs:
~~>but hell... who cares?!?

"I am a princess,
I live in the cloud,
If you wanna kick it w/ me,
well then u better bow down,
so get on your knees,
and call me your highness,
`cause believe me BITCH,
i'm the finest!"

I placed a kiss in my palm, closed my fist tight and think of you...then I opened my hand and let the wind carry that kiss so if someday you'll think of me out of the blue... it will be because my kiss finally found it's way to you...*


Engscowani -- sounds cool right?!?

BYE! gotta bounzzz!

lotsa love,
aish m. lupin-black GREENLEAF (*m stands for malfoy... i told you i still like them*)